Toby Alderweireld hairstyle

Football players are known to wear some of the awesome and trendiest hairstyles. Toby Alderweireld hairstyle has become quite popular in New York. Toby Alderweireld has been able to hold the charm of his fans due to his sexy playing style and stylish slicked back hairstyle with short sides. A perfect combination of old and new, his slicked back hairstyle with taper fade style can never be out of trend.

To get Toby Alderweireld hairstyle, use a good quality clipper to chop your hair on the back as well as the sides of your hair. Use number 1 clipper length below the temples and back, clip the hair gradually thins into a crisp bald fade. The hair on the top can be parted on one side or without parted.

In another style, Toby has a parted lines on his left side. After wash and damp your hair, apply some pomade on your palm and massage it gently on the top of your head. The pomade will provide a strong hold that is must for a slicked back undercut look. Use a wide tooth comb to slick the hair back and make the hair strains look thick.

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