How To Easily Remove Unwanted Permanent Hair Color With One ‘n Only Colorfix

Men decide to change their hair color for many different reasons. Among the most common is covering up gray. However, it is sometimes done just to change one’s appearance around some. Sadly, there are times when one might try to change his color and end up with an unwanted shade. These occasions are good times to know how to remove unwanted permanent hair color with One ‘n Only Colorfix.

Picture of three packages of One n Only Colorfix.
Three packages of One n Only Colorfix.

This product comes packaged as three separate components: a Color Reducer, a Conditioning Catalyst, and a Processing Lotion. When they are mixed together, the resulting mixture acts to reduce the size of pigment molecules and remove them from hair shafts.

The first step is to mix equal amounts of Color Reducer and Conditioning Catalyst in an applicator bottle or a bowl. It is recommended that one mix as much as will be needed to complete the job at the beginning rather than risk having to stop in the middle and mix another batch.

One should use gloves and apply the mixture, gently working it through to make sure that even penetration is achieved. The mixture should be worked into the hairs in as short a time as possible because the strength of its activity diminishes over time.

Once the strands are thoroughly treated, the head should be covered with a plastic shower cap and allowed to sit for about 20 minutes. It is possible to shorten the processing time by using a dryer set on low. It is recommended that one strand-test to avoid removing too much coloring.

After the processing time has elapsed, one will need to rinse the hair with warm water for at least three and up to five minutes. Shampoo the hair as normal. Towel dry the hairs, until they are just damp, and examine to see if sufficient coloring has been removed. If not, one can apply more of the mixture and repeat the processing time. Rinse and shampoo again. This process should not be repeated more than two to three times in one treatment.

Once one is certain he has removed the desired amount of unwanted hues, there is a Processing Lotion that should be applied to the entire head and allowed to stand for 5 minutes to neutralize any remaining chemicals. Following the application of the processing lotion, one should rinse thoroughly and dry on a warm, not hot, setting. Too much heat may irritate the scalp.

Any time one uses the product, he should use a low pH conditioner to protect the strands and help restore them to normal. This will help to prevent chemical damage to the strands that could make them brittle and easily broken.

With One ‘n Only Colorfix, removing unwanted permanent hair color is not difficult. It does, however, require one to take certain precautions in order to avoid further damage and stressing. Follow the label direction exactly for the best results in most cases. There are also alternate directions for making only a slight change to the color such as lightening one shade.

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