How To Remove Hair Dye From Carpet

As you can imagine, hair dyes, which are able to replace the natural pigment in your hair, are full of different chemicals that are very strong. The color of the dye, no matter whether it is light or dark, is, as a rule, quite durable, made to stay on your hair for a long time without washing away. That is why, you can see, it can be very difficult to remove the occasional stains left by the hair dye from the carpets.

If your carpet is made of the genuine wool or natural cotton, the structure of fibers is such that they absorb the pigments very quickly. So the distressing task of removing those stains from your carpet can be hard. Yet, there is nothing impossible.

This is always better to avoid such things than to try to cope with them later. But if it has happened, do not feel desperate. Act rapidly and confidently. Take a piece of cotton wool or of a clean cloth and moisten it with hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of it and ammonia spirit: this mixture works well on very dark stains on light carpets. T

ry to wash the stain away but don’t rub hard. It may be necessary even to leave the stain overnight covered with this mixture. If the pile is long, it is necessary to prevent the dye from getting deep. Gently gather it from the ends of the pile and, moistening new pieces of cotton wool or of a cloth, if necessary, clean the remnants.

It is possible that some light shade of the color will remain slightly visible after the first attempt. You may let it dry and then undertake another set of efforts, but this time paying attention to avoiding the spreading of the stain. In this try, you may use special agents for cleaning carpets, which will help you remove the last notions of the unpleasant occasion.

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