How To Remove Hair Color From Denim Jeans

A large number of people dye their hair because they are unhappy with its natural shade. One problem with this is that the dyes will stain anything they come into contact with, including clothing and skin. This leads to many people wondering how to remove hair color from denim jeans.

Experts say that catching the stain immediately is the best situation because the dye is easier to remove while still wet. If it is caught immediately, it can be sprayed with hairspray until completely saturated and run through the laundry by itself. This should completely remove the stain.

If the stain has dried, one can use isopropyl alcohol to remove part of the dye. The stain should be dabbed rather than rubbed as rubbing can spread the stain. If this does not get it completely out of the cloth, it is time to move to something else.

Because denim is a natural cotton fabric, lighter fluid and turpentine are solvents that should be able to cut the stain. If rubbing becomes necessary, it should follow the grain of the fabric to maximize saturation of the fibers.

Also, scrubbing against the grain can smear the dye and make it spread. After application of the lighter fluid, the jeans can be washed in a load by themselves. Another option is using a toothbrush dipped in a mixture of lemon juice and cream of tartar.

Use the brush in a straight line with the grain of the fabric. Following this, liquid detergent can be applied to the stain as a pretreatment. After soaking for a few minutes, the garment can be washed alone as normal.

If these methods do not work, one final natural option would be use Oxi-clean or another hydrogen peroxide product. The oxygenation of the fabric will loosen substances stuck to the strands of material so that the dye and other substances will wash out normally.

If all of these fail to remove the stain, there are many commercial stain removers available that one can try. The odds are good that one or more of these will prove stronger than the hair dye.

However, if the stain has been on the fabric too long or the jeans were washed and the stain set, the only other answer to how to remove hair color from denim jeans is by bleaching. Of course, this will also remove any other dyes from them and leave them white.

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  1. i once have this problem when i tried to dye my hair, at the end i loss my patient i throw my jeans to the bin and forget it existed.


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