How To Remove Dirt & Hair From Hairbrush Easily

If you would like to know how to clean your hairbrush easily, there are some simple methods that will work. Many men have problems with hair brushes as they can become entangled with hairs and they also can collect lint. Brushes eventually become dirty and it does little good to wash the hair, if one is going to run a dirty brush through it. Here are some brush cleaning tips and ideas.

Some men find that is very helpful to run a comb through the bristles of the brush. This works for removing a lot of the hairs. However, it may not work well for getting rid of dirt or hair oils that may be entrapped in the brush.

To remove dirt from the hair brush you can fill a glass with warm soapy water and let it soak for a while in the soapy solution. After soaking, you can take an old toothbrush to scrub the bristles. This may work well, but it depends on the type of brush bristles that you have and how dense the bristles are.

Here are some words of caution on soaking hair brushes. Make sure that it is the kind of brush that can be soaked without any kind of damage to the handle. Soaking usually works best on plastic brushes as other kinds might soak up moisture and perhaps form mildew.

After you have washed and rinsed the brush, it should be allowed to dry overnight. Make sure that your brush sits with the bristles facing the counter. This allows for any drainage of moisture from the unit.


Clean Your Hairbrush Easily With A Brush Cleaner

Image of Olivia Garden Hair Brush Cleaner.
Olivia Garden Hair Brush Cleaner

It can be a lot of work and trouble to properly clean a hairbrush and many people opt for a handy little tool known as the brush cleaner. One such model is inexpensive and is called the Olivia Garden Hair Brush Cleaner. This cleaner has two sides and one is designed for getting rid of that nasty hair build up. The other side can be used to clean one small area at a time.

Image of Olivia Garden Hair Brush Cleaner user reviews.


This cleaning tool is very easy to order online and it is made to fit your hand perfectly. If you check Amazon about this tool, you will see some excellent reviews. In fact, most users give it five stars out of five stars in their write ups.

Many people utilize the wide end of the tool for removing lint from hair brush bristles. It can be very difficult cleaning round brushes, but this tool works very well for all kinds and sizes. However, you may still wish to use some warm soapy water occasionally, to cleanse oils from the bristles.

When it comes to learning how to clean your hairbrush, you can take two basic strategies. If you want to spend a lot of time and energy, you may use a comb to remove hairs. You then can clean the brush with warm soap and water. However, if you want to make it easy on yourself, consider a handy little cleaning tool like the Olivia Garden Hair Brush Cleaner.

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