Pooch Hall Hairstyle

A Pooch Hall hairstyle is a distinctive look fostered by American film and television actor and model. Hall is probably best known for his portrayal of Derwin Davis in the sitcom from CW/BET’s “The Game”.

The actor also played Ricky in the movie from 2011, “Jumping the Broom”. Here is a look at the features that are most distinctive about the design of his hair.

Photo of Pooch Hall hairstyle.
Pooch Hall hairstyle.

The hairstyle is close cut all over the head, giving it a neat and crisp look and feel. The front of the head features a boxed-off hairline at each side of his forehead. This makes the overall style quite simple, yet edge and sharp in appearance. In order to maintain the crispness, frequent trims will be required. This typically is at least once every month to six weeks.

Photo of Pooch Hall haircut.
Pooch Hall haircut.

Photo of Pooch Hall hair.
Pooch Hall hair.

Most hair types can wear this style with no problem in execution, since the distinction is in the boxy front hairline. Types of strands that include medium or coarse texture are preferred.

The density should also be medium to thick in nature. The style is suitable for any age, weight and general build, although larger men are especially attractive with this design.

Care of the style is appealingly simple. A small amount of wax on the back of the head should be pulled down through the strands to sculpt the hair. Pinching clumps of hair and pulling them in different directions achieves a more casual look.

The sides of the hair should be styled by applying wax at mid-length and working downward to the ends. Again, pinching and pulling clumps gives the textured look. The crown hairs uses wax applied using the palms in a smoothing and flattening motion.

A Pooch Hall hairstyle is low maintenance in terms of styling. It does require frequent touch-ups to keep its edginess. The style is suitable for all age groups and occupations.

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