Nick Valensi Wavy Hairstyle

Nick Valensi is known for his wild and untamed long, black locks that is pretty much the expected for a rock star like him. With a hairstyle that needs very little upkeep and seems to do best when left on its own, it is no wonder that many guys are interested about having this kind of cut and how they can pull it off.

How to get the Nick Valensi hairstyle? To get a hairstyle like him you need to have thick, coarse and wavy hair. It can be pretty difficult to work with a style like this if you have pin-straight or thin, wispy hair, unless you use product and you know how to style. For now, we concentrate on getting the style and cut for those who are lucky enough to have the same shape and texture of hair as he does.

Nick usually grows his hair a little bit past the shoulder. If you grow your hair up to this length, the natural waves and curls of the hair will be more pronounced and easier to notice. Add some layers along the sides to add more waves to the ends.

The ends are much thinner than the top, which is done by shaving layers at different lengths and in his case, not higher than ear level. Textured layers look best with a razor, so ask your barber if he can do this for the ends of your hair to get the look.

Nick also sports man-bangs, which naturally occurs when you grow out the hair on all sides. Cut the bangs with texturizing shears for that distinct shape.

Using a pea-sized amount of texturizing or wave-boosting product, run through the length of your hair using your fingers to accentuate and hold the waves in place. Use a water-based product to maintain the natural softness and movement of the hair.

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