Marco Verratti Hairstyle

One of the most popular football players, Marco Verrati is known for his amazing game style and dashing personality. His charming personality is accentuated by his playful short mohawk hair. Spiky hairstyle is cool and trendy and can be flaunted easily at any occasion. This fun style goes well with both formal as well as casual look.

To get Marco Verratti hairstyle, you need to cut your hair really short at the back and the sides of your head. Now, to get the spiky textured short haircut, give a taper cut to your front and middle hair. The super short sides add the illusion of more height of the spikes. Apply some amount of styling gel on your palms and run your fingers over your hair to form spikes. Well, forming spikes with your fingers requires a bit of experience. But once you master it, this hairstyle is fun and easy to manage.

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