Marcel Nguyen Undercut Hairstyle

Photo of Marcel Nguyen hairstyle.

Marcel Nguyen hairstyle is one that is growing in popularity among the men of his age group and activity level. The medal-winning gymnast sports a look that is trendy, yet collected and somewhat stark. Here are some tips to consider if you want to achieve the same hair style, regardless of whether you are an athlete or a businessman with a life outside the office.

Image of the side view of Marcel Nguyen hairstyle.
The side view of Marcel Nguyen hair

The design of his hair is considered short. This means it requires frequent trims to ensure that the length of the strands doesn’t ruin the crispness. The sides and back are touched up with electric clippers. The length is quite short, and is a uniform length. At times, the athlete has allowed the strands to grow a little longer, up to one-half inch, rather than a more typical quarter-inch.

On the top of the head, the hair is significantly longer. It is maintained at a length of about three inches. As with the hairs on the sides and back of the head, the length must be held within a very narrow range.

Photo of Marcel Nguyen hairstyle.
Marcel Nguyen wet look hair

When creating the style, a strong hold wax or styling product is used so that a wet look is achieved. Without the hard definition of an actual part, the top hair is combed up from the forehead and then to the back and slightly to the left back of the head. There is a fair amount of height achieved above the top of the head.

Picture of Marcel Nguyen spiky undercut hairstyle.
Marcel Nguyen with spiky hair

The Marcel Nguyen undercut hairstyle doesn’t rely on spikes, with the extra hold that is required to maintain such a design. It does, however require a height that is similar to a pompadour. It is suitable for young men and active men. Although thick hair growth is helpful, the look can be achieved through the use of top quality styling products.

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