How To Make Gray Hair Shine

Gray hair is a fate faced by virtually all men. The few exceptions are those that shave their heads. When the graying first begins, it makes a man look distinguished. Over time, however, the loss of color takes over and changes the texture and thickness of the strands so that they do not reflect light in the same way and take on a dull appearance. This can make a man look old rather than distinguished. Fortunately, it is possible to learn how to make gray hair shine and return that distinguished gentleman appearance.

  • Cool Water. One of the easiest and least expensive methods to accomplish is simply to rinse in cool water after showering. The cooler temperature causes the cuticle of the shafts to constrict. This makes the strands smaller and helps them to reflect light better.
  • Gloss. Styling salons offer a treatment that consists of applying a special gloss to the hairs. This gloss has a slight violet color base that changes the color of the strands to something slightly off the true gray. However, this tint is not really noticeable. Its effect is noticeable as the strands take on a glossy shine.
  • Shine Serum. Many also offer a shine serum for sale that can applied after styling for the day is completed. This product is light and does not build up on the shafts. It therefore, does not create any added difficulties in styling and maintaining the style.
  • Hot Oil Treatment. Another solution that has been used for years is the weekly application of a hot oil treatment. The oil changes the physical characteristics of the strands in a manner that makes them latch onto moisture. This added hydration gives the locks a healthy luster and makes it more shiny.For best results with hot oil, one should work the oil all through the strands, from tip to scalp. It should then be allowed to sit for about twenty minutes. It is advised to wear a shower cap during this time so that the heat from the oil will be held in close to the follicles.

Here are the products that help neutralize yellowing and add shine to gray hair:

Make gray hair shiny does not take long. It does require a bit of extra effort and, in most cases, some small investment. The results are well worth it, though, as it allows a gentleman to recapture that distinguished look that is lost as the hair turns fully gray and changes texture. Untreated, the hair just looks dull and makes the man look old.

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  1. Hello. My hair is becoming quite grey but still shows some ‘mousy brown’ color. Is there a grey dye that will make the color uniform? I’d like my hair to look like Steve Martin’s. Thanks for the tips on making my hair more shiny! Paul


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