Jamie Dornan’s Bed-head Hairstyle

Jamie Dornan hairstyle

Right at the heels of the excitement over the sensational Fifty Shades of Grey is the unmistakable furor over Jamie Dornan, the male lead of the book’s movie adaptation. Rugged and blond, Dornan is known for his brooding looks and his bedhead hair which seems to appear in a perpetual state of stylish disarray.

Described by Hollywood hair experts as a messy but dressy hairstyle, this look is perfect for any guy who hates to spend too much time on his hairdo but still wants to look like he did when he steps out of the house. Here’s how to get the Jamie Dornan hairstyle.


Start with about one upto two inches of hair at the top and a little shorter on the side. Keep it about one inch length on the sides to make it easy to create a chopped and textured look. If you have around face, you can opt for a very short hair on the sides.

Keeping the hair on the sides too short will elongate the face and make the overall effect looks different. It is good to ask your barber to give you a choppy cut and therefore to avoid clippers since this will make the cuts too neat. You will also get the desired look much easier if you have wavy or slightly curly hair.

Jamie Dornan short bed-headed hairstyle
Jamie Dornan short bed-headed hairstyle

Use a small amount of styling product, preferably a water-based gel, and rub between the palms to emulsify. Run through the hair, casually tousling the hair and shaking your head to get it into that perfect level of styled disarray.

You can also add a little bit of mousse to add a little volume and height. Part the hair with one side thinner and the thicker side spilling over the forehead to make the messiness even more visible from the front of the face.

Dornan’s tousled bedhead hairstyle is probably one of the easiest hairstyles out there. It is unpolished yet extremely sexy, perfect for the guy who wants his hairstyle easy and unconventional.

However, this may not work as well for guys with very thin straight hair, or guys with thin faces, as the added volume o top could make the hair disproportionately longer than the face. This style is perfect for guys with square faces and strong jaws, with a hint of a stubble thrown in to add to the messiness.

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