James Lafferty Long Buzz Cut

Photo of James Lafferty long buzz cut.
James Lafferty haircut. Photo via Just Jared.

This haircut is something that most people either love or hate. It certainly takes the traditional buzz cut to new heights and it is hard to find any stones to throw at the appearance of a man with blue-green eyes as mesmerizing as his. For those who are taken with the soft, prickly look of his evenly coiffed hair, however, it is the perfect blend of good grooming and ease of maintenance.

This cut is commonly performed using an electric clipper with a higher guard, number 3 or 4 guard size, to evenly remove the hair from all areas of the pate. With a longer guard, the hair can retain a bit of its length while still getting the spiky, prickly effect. The goal is to cut enough hair off, however, so that it does not lie down smoothly and create another look entirely.

The beauty of this cut is that it softens his strong widow’s peak and makes it absolutely endearing. This cut look best on a fresh face like his. Excess facial hair with a style like this one would be overkill by almost every standard.

The James Lafferty long buzz haircut is a wash-and-wear style that most athletic men will love. With just a half-inch of hair, the head can stay warm and the wearer does not have to worry about too much scalp exposure in cold or hot weather extremes. In fact, this is a great way to take a break from routine use of heavy styling products while maintaining an attractive and well-curried appearance.

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