Humphrey Bogart Hairstyle

Men who are going after a new look for their locks may want to go with a Humphrey Bogart hairstyle. If they want something that will conjure up images of some great movie stars of the middle of the last century, then this will certainly do the trick. With luck, the ladies will be impressed.

Photo of Humphrey Bogart hairstyle.
Humphrey Bogart hairstyle.

The Bogart style involves moderately short hair that is pulled back from the hairline. If you wish to have this kind of haircut, you should obviously consider the length of their hair. If it is too short, then you will need to grow it out a bit. This may take a few weeks, but you should eventually reach a point where you will begin to look like the much-loved movie star. Then you’ll need a comb & hair pomade.

To style the hair, rub a small amount of the pomade into your hands and apply into damp hair. Then, simply comb it straight back without a part.

Picture of Humphrey Bogart classic hairstyle.
Humphrey Bogart classic hairstyle.

A man who wishes to have his hair appear like a famous movie star may want to consult with his significant other. If his wife, for instance, wants to match her husband’s determination, she can have her own locks styled to look like a famous starlet of the same period.

Ultimately, choosing a Humphrey Bogart hairstyle can transform one’s luck. With a professional in the field who knows exactly how to make the dream come true, everything should be fine. The stylists will be able to look at a photograph and immediately determine what needs to be done. Individuals can show off their new sense of elegance in both their professional and personal lives.

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