How to Use a Hair Dye Brush Properly

Knowing the process of proper hair dye application is not enough for you to have an attractive-looking hair color. You also need to have the right materials for hair dye application. Aside from preparing the hair dye, a fine-toothed comb, a pair of gloves and a towel, you also need a good hair dye brush.

According to hair experts, the way you use your brush can greatly affect the outcome of the hair-coloring process. Therefore, it is very important for you to know how to use a hair dye brush effectively.

The hair dye brush makes it easier to spread the hair dye in all parts of your hair and to make the distribution of the dye equal. It also makes the job less cluttered and complicated as long as you use it properly. The use of the hair dye brush is very simple. All you need is a combination of knowledge, skills and practice. Here are some tips on how to use a hair dye brush:

  1. Use both ends of the hair dye brush. The brush end is used for the application of the hair color while the end of the handle can be used to divide the hair into sections.
  2. Remove excess hair dye on the brush after every dip to prevent drips and stains.
  3. When applying the hair color using the brush, make sure to start from the roots. Remove the dividing clip when the section of hair has been colored.
  4. Make sure that most of the dye on the brush has already been applied on the hair before you dip it in the hair dye container again. This is to prevent accumulation of dye on the corners of the brush.
  5. Do not leave your brush unwashed after using it. Wash it with warm water and keep it in a dry place.

You can surely see a nicely-colored hair when you use your hair dye brush properly. With consistent practice, you can surely improve your skill and make the outcome much better.

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