How To Streak Your Own Hair At Home Using Two Simple Methods

Emo hairstyle with blonde streak.
Emo streaked hairstyle.

Men are every bit as vain about the appearance of their hair as women. Some are even more so. For many, looking their best in their opinion means having highlights or streaks in their hair. The process for getting highlights or streaks is nearly identical. Here, we are going to look at how to streak your own hair at home.

For highlights, one should choose a color that is only four to five shades lighter in color than one’s natural color. For adding streaks, one will need a hair bleaching agent and hair color in the color one desires the streaks to be. These colors are often blue or red.

There are two different processes that can be used for applying streaks at home. One is the foil method. The other is the cap method. The differences are minor. Both require that the person put on some old clothing that will not be harmed if color gets on it.

Using the foil method, one should separate out the hair that to be colored and apply the hair bleach. Following the instructions on the box is critical to avoid damaging the hair. Monitoring the amount of time the bleach is on the hair is the most critical part. When the time expires, the foil should be removed from the hair and the hair washed to remove any residue of the bleaching agent.

For the next step, one should separate out the bleached streaks of hair and apply the color to dry hair. Wrap the streaks in foil again to protect the rest of the hair. Again, timing is critical to keep from damaging the hair. After the correct amount of time has elapsed, the hair should be washed again, with a shampoo that is designed for color treated hair.

For the cap method, the primary difference is that the head is covered with a form fitting cap that has holes in it. A crochet hook or hair styling hook from a salon is used to pull the hair to be streaked out of the cap. First, the bleach is applied and washed out, then the color is applied and washed out as before. The difference is that foil is not needed to protect the hair because the cap performs this function.

Knowing how to streak your own hair at home is not a skill that everybody has. For this reason, it is advisable to have a friend or relative to assist with the entire process.

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