4 Hair Fall Tips: How To Stop Black Male Hair Loss

Black males tend to lose their hair for the same reasons as other races, including male pattern baldness. One trend that affects blacks more than others is the use of tightly curled hairstyles such as cornrows.

These hairstyles can put stress on the hair that causes the shafts to break off and the hair to fall out. Beyond the avoidance of such hairstyles, we are going to look at how to stop black male hair loss.


Use Minoxidil

Minoxidil for hair loss

Two medical treatments have been approved by the FDA to treat hair loss. One is minoxidil, sold over the counter as a topical solution. The other is finasteride, available by prescription in pill form. Both have been shown to be effective at stopping the further thinning of hair and can help regrow lost hair.

Minoxidil was a prescription medication when it was first put on the market. Today, one does not need a prescription to acquire it. It should be applied directly to the scalp twice daily. It can cause irritation to the scalp, but side effects are normally not severe enough to stop a man from using it.


Take Finasteride

Finasteride for hair loss

Finasteride is a pill that doctors can prescribe for hair loss. It works by blocking the formation of DHT, the hormone that has been identified as causing male pattern baldness. DHT causes the follicles to shrink and choke the hair out. This medication improves the health of the follicles.


Use Shampoo

tips to prevent hair loss of men

Another treatment that is not FDA approved is the use of Nizoral shampoo. This is available over the counter in a one percent solution or by prescription in a two percent solution. The use of this shampoo every three days has been shown to result in hair regrowth for a large percentage of men.


Massage Your Scalp

how to stop men hair loss

If one would rather try other methods than medical treatments, there are options. A simple scalp massage can stimulate circulation and bring more nutrients to the follicles, improving their health and encouraging the growth of healthy hair. The use of vitamin E-liquid or olive oil can help block the binding of DHT with the follicles.


Making changes in one’s diet that add key nutrients can also be helpful. B-complex vitamins and several trace minerals have been linked to the healthy production of skin and nails Changing one’s diet is the best, but some prefer to add dietary supplements.

Learning how to stop black male hair loss is not difficult. Black men lose their hair for all the same reasons as other races and can use the same treatments, medical and otherwise.

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