How To Remove Hair Dye From Hair At Home

There are many different ways to dye one’s hair at home. However, failure to follow instructions correctly can lead to a hair disaster. Bleaching the hair is not the same as dying the hair, so bleach disasters can only be fixed by application of new dye. However, for color disasters, one should know how to remove hair dye from hair at home.

The best product to remove hair dye will depend a great deal on the color and where it is on the color scale relative to one’s natural color. There are commercial products available in stores, typically on the same aisle as hair color, that are designed to remove hair dye in the event of a mishap.

The best one product is Color Oops. It removes permanent & semi-permanent hair color. Reverse the hair to its original color. One should simply follow the instructions in the kit to achieve the best results.

If one has applied a dark hair dye, it is likely to be best to wait for a couple of days to allow the hair to recover from the chemical treatment it has already received. A bit of extra virgin olive oil heated to a temperature just short of burning the skin can be massaged into the hair.

Allow the oil to sit for a few minutes and wash it out with a high quality dandruff shampoo that is not formulated for color treated hair. It may take multiple treatments to get all of the dye out of the hair. It is best to avoid treating the hair more than once each day.

Laundry detergent with a color safe bleach may be applied to the hair to wash out the dye. Apply the detergent and gently massage it into the hair. Wash it out with shampoo and use a leave in conditioner to restore the hair to its healthy luster.

If none of these products work, one can bleach the hair. This may take it to a lighter color than desired, but it will remove all traces of dye.

Accidents can happen quickly when one is applying hair dye at home. Therefore, knowing how to remove hair dye at home can prove to be a useful talent. The goal is to do so without damaging the hair further and causing breakage or worse.

Ideally, one will be able to simply reverse the coloring process that became a disaster. However, some dark, especially black, dyes and bleaching mistakes may call for one to see a professional stylist in order to avoid further damage to the hair.