How To Dye Hair Naturally

One trait that men share with women in equal, if not greater, measure is a certain vanity about our hair. Being able to achieve the cut and style we desire is of paramount importance to our self image when out in public. Sometimes, this means changing the color of the hair. With growing concern over the number of chemicals being used in hair care, many men are left wondering how to dye hair naturally.

Many different substances that occur naturally have been used for centuries as hair dyes. Coffee, different herbal tea blends, henna, paprika, and even lemon juice can be used to produce different colors without the use of chemicals.

Certain flowers, for instance marigolds, can be used to produce lighter colors when boiled into a tea. This particular blend will give blonde hair a yellow tinge, while leaving it blonde. Other flowers can be used to achieve different colors.

Coffee and black tea are excellent choices if one wants to dye his hair to a dark brown. Henna and other types of tea offer a lighter brown to reddish tint. Paprika can be mixed in to give a person an auburn color, or if enough is used, a red hair color.

Combing the hair with a comb wet with lemon juice can produce some excellent blonde highlights. The longer the lemon juice is left in, the lighter the streaks will become.

It is important to note that, while they do not contain chemicals that can damage hair or cause illness, natural dyes are frequently quite strong. If left on the hair for too long, the results may not be what is expected. For example, the marigold tea mentioned above can turn the hair a bright yellow within just a few minutes.

In addition to being stronger than the chemical hair dyes, the natural dyes wash out easier. This means that they must be reapplied frequently to maintain the desired color. However, because they are not as harsh as chemical hair dyes, there is no need to worry over using them frequently causing damage to hair.

Men spend just as much time and money on their hair as women do. They also worry as much over the hazards of putting chemical products on their hair. Knowing how to dye hair naturally is more environmentally friendly and more gentle on the hair than using most commercial hair dye products on the market today.

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