How to Get and Care for Dakota Goyo Hairstyle

Dakota-Goyo-haircutMany people across the world love Dakota Avery Goyo who is a Canadian actor. However, one of his outstanding features is his stylish hairstyle. How can you get and maintain this Dakota Goyo hairstyle? Here is the tips:

  1. Get the cut. In order to get the right cut, you need to grow your hair until the needed length. If you have a straight hair passes your eyes and covers your ears, you are lucky. Go to a hairstylist or barbershop in your town. Ask him to texturize the tips of your hair using a razor to get a shaggy swept bangs hairstyle. Make sure the bangs are swept over to the right or left side to see the end result.
  2. Wash your hair. After using a shampoo and conditioning, you should ensure that you rinse your hair thoroughly. You should remember that leftover products in your hair might make them to look dull in their own way. In addition, you can redistribute conditioner throughout your hair using a wide-toothed comb that will leave your hair tangle-free and shiny.
  3. Apply conditioner right from the mid-lengths to the ends. By conditioning your roots, you will weigh your hair down easily. If your hair has really dried out, you can deep-condition at home by applying conditioner to clean your damp hair. This will make it look shinny and stylish.
  4. Rub your hair with a towel whenever it is wet. This will enable you reduce the excess moisture that can cause tangles from out excess water. Moreover, before you blow-dry your hair, you should use a styling product like a conditioning cream, milk, or serum.
  5. Move your blow dryer right from roots to tips as a way of avoiding shredding and frizzing your hair cuticles; and from back side to front, then set your bangs to one side. For smooth results, you can brush it as you blow dry in a similar direction. This will prevent your hair cuticle from roughing up.
  6. If you want a straight texture, the a flat iron is the best tool to style your hair. Make sure your hair had dried thoroughly before style it using a flat iron to avoid frizz. If you want a fuller look, spray it using a volumizing spray.


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  1. I like Dakotas hair style how does he do it some time I like to meet him face to face oh by the way my name Is Eddie gold I live here in Conway Arkansas


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