How to Cut Boy’s Hair

Cutting boy's hair.

Cutting a little boy’s hair is more a matter of getting the child to sit still than it is of cutting the actual hair. Still, it is not difficult to cut if you keep in mind some simple tips. Here is a step-by-step guide for cutting boy’s hair. Please remember to use caution so as not to cut anything but hair.

In order to properly cut boy’s hair you will need a towel, tablecloth, or cape, hair clippers with guards, sharp scissors, a fine-toothed comb, and a spray bottle full of water. After securing the towel around the child’s neck, use the spray bottle to dampen and comb the hair. Damp hair is easier to handle, but remember that it shrinks as it dries.

Always start in the back when you are cutting. Using the hair clippers with the desired guard set on them, cut the hair from the nape of the neck to halfway up his head or where a baseball cap would end; making sure to hold the clippers against his head for even cutting. Cut the hair at the nape of the neck into a straight line using the comb as a guide.

Being careful not to cut the boy’s ear, use the hair clippers to trim around the ears and where the sideburns should go. Now you can trade the clippers for the scissors to cut the hair on the top of his head. The biggest key to remember when using the scissors is to cut small amounts at a time.

It may take longer, but it will make the cut look far more professional. Another tip is to hold the hair vertically instead of horizontally. This ensures there is no “line” running along the hair when you finish.

So, comb a section about half an inch wide and hold it between your fingers close to the length you want. In order to keep the haircut from looking blunt or uneven, cut the hair at an angle, using little snips with the scissors. Now you can move on to the next half inch section of hair.

An easy way to make sure you are cutting the boy’s hair the same length is to include some of the cut hair in your next section as a guide for how short to cut. When you get to the front of his head, brush his bangs forward and use the scissors to make small, angled cuts so the hair will blend better.

The last step is to focus on the point where the clippers stopped and the scissors began. Comb the hair upwards with the fine-toothed comb and use the scissors to trim the hair sticking out of the comb to blend the two different reductions together.

It is worth repeating that it is best to focus on small amounts at a time; otherwise the hair will have a hacked off look instead of a blended cut. It is always easier to take more hair off, so start trimming less than you think. With these simple tips, anyone can cut a boy’s hair to save some money, or just a trip to the barber shop.

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