How To Apply Lowlights To Hair

Lowlights are adding some strands of color that are darker than your natural color. The opposite of lowlights are highlights, which are strands of color that are lighter than your natural color. A simple tutorial will help you to get started. There are a few tips to keep in mind before beginning the process.

The first thing to remember is that hair should be clean. The remains of any residue need to be removed, so your hair and scalp don’t have anything to interfere with the coloring process. The shampoo process should be done a day or two prior to the coloring day. Don’t try to get accurate results with hair that has sprays, gels or other products on the hair or scalp.

You can purchase a good quality kit from any source, but don’t use the included brushes that come with the kit. Instead, you should use some flat artist brushes in quarter or half inch sizes from an art supply store.

The brushes give you more accurate results because you can control the brushes more easily. Get a pair of good latex gloves that fit your hands snugly. The ones that come in the kits are often too large so you don’t have the ability to get close to your work.

Use a petroleum jelly along your hairline to avoid ending up with stains on your forehead or face. The coloring agents can permanently stain clothing, so you will want to wear clothing that can be discarded if necessary. Avoid working in an area where spatters or spots can get onto permanent surfaces.

Don’t mix the color and begin until you are ready to apply the agent on your hair. There is a limited amount of time once the coloring agent works. Work with a few hairs at a time and paint the color with the brushes.

You can get a more natural look if you use fewer strands. You can always add more color later. Do the back of the head first and then you can work forward. You will need to be sure to use the conditioner that comes with the kit.

When you discover how to apply lowlights to hair at home you can save money. Instead of going to an expensive salon to add life to your hair color, spend a few minutes occasionally at home. You will get results that are just as good.

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