How Does Rogaine Work For Men?

Image of Rogaine for men.
Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment.

Rogaine is the brand name of the hair loss treatment drug, minoxidil. This drug has received FDA approval for use as a treatment for androgenic hair loss (male pattern baldness). This came after it was discovered that hair regrowth was a side effect of using this drug when it was introduced as a potential treatment for hypertension. This leads many to wonder, “How does Rogaine work for men?”.

Minoxidil is applied directly to the scalp at the area of thinning hair and massaged in with the fingers. Studies have shown that it is not effective for all men, but a good majority do find that they stop losing hair and/or grow back lost hair. It is much more effective when treatment is begun early and a minimum of hair has been lost.

The mechanism of effect has not been accurately identified. Even the scientists that created this drug do not know exactly how it works, just that it does.

What is believed is that Rogaine interacts with follicles that have been choked off by DHT, dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is known to bind with follicles and cause them to shrink, losing the ability to produce healthy hair. It interferes with the normal phase of growth and resting, preventing new growth from beginning when the old hair falls out.

Minoxidil is believed to remove DHT from the follicles and increase their size. It is also thought that the length of the normal growth phase is lengthened, reducing the length of the resting phase between releasing an old hair and growing a new one. This helps to thicken the growth and replace strands that had previously been lost.

It is also thought to increase the blood flow to the follicles, bringing more nutrients to them and promoting better, healthier hair growth. There is a proven link between improved circulation and hair growth, especially when one consumes a balanced diet that provides the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Dietary supplements have also been found to be helpful in this area when there is improved circulation to carry the added nutrients to the follicles. Rogaine is effective approximately fifty five percent of the time.

It is best if treatment is begun early, before one has lost much hair at all. Those with heavier hair loss tend to get less benefit from using this drug. Once treatment is begun, one must continue to use the product daily. If one stops applying this solution to his scalp, the hair tends to fall out again, leaving one back where he started.

The answer to the question, “How does Rogaine work for men?”, is still unclear. The only thing known for certain is that it does work for most men when treatment is begun early and continued indefinitely. The only type of hair loss for which it has been shown effective is male pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia. Other types of hair loss, such as that caused by stress or medication use, do not respond to this drug at all.

One of the reasons why you are losing your hair is because the blood supply that nourishes the roots has been cut-off. This means the hair has no way of developing and is literally dried out.

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