Haircolors That Make A Man Look Younger

Any resolution for the upcoming year? Everyone has different way of welcoming New Year. One may plan a holiday abroad. The other may want to change his look. Do you plan this too?

You probably have your own hairstylist who understands well the shape of your face, the type of your hair and the proper hair model that suits well your face. See him and ask his opinion and suggestion about changing your look so that you look younger. He may give you few options. if you are still confuse, here are some colors and tips for you.


Warm Colors

Choose warm colors like auburn red, chocolate brown, and its variants. Make sure the hair around your face and top gets the brightest color, and darker underneath. Do not choose cool colors like blue, green, light green, pink, purple and light browns. Do not just follow trend, because it does not guarantee that you will get the appearance that you want.


Dark Colors

If you have a lot of gray hair right now, it is better that you color it black or dark brown. But if your hair is still all black and still want to look younger, darken your hair using a darker shade like brunette and its variants.



One thing you should remember that always chose the type of colors that close to your natural hair color. For example, your hair is dark brown, do not choose yellow or blonde. It might give you a different look, but not the better one.

If your natural hair color is black, it is not recommended that you change your hair into light red. Seemingly, you need to always consult the whole things before coloring. Because carelessly coloring your hair might give you bad result.

Consider the content of the hair color that you choose. You don’t want your hair to be damage, right? Do regular treatment for better result. Take a good look at your eyebrows too. They are hair as well. People seldom pay attention to it when changing their hair color. Coloring eyebrows may affect your face too. Choose the right color and you will get the younger look that you want.

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