Hair Chalking for Men

Who says hair chalking is just for women? It can also be done by men! Hair chalking is a cool way to express yourself, plus creating a fashion statement out of it. Just imagine standing out in a big crowd because you look outstandingly cool while watching a concert. Or you can also give a twist to a boring coat-and-tie event, or even give your casual sweater-look a different accent.


How to Chalking Your Hair

  1. Choose the dye that you want.
    hair chalks
    Although you have the freedom, you should consider the color that fits you.You can choose any color of your liking but consider these tips when figuring out the kind of hair chalk you should use.

    People with dark hair are advisable to choose brighter hair chalk colors to get more visible results, while men with light-colored hair can use all sorts of colors. Only buy hair chalks from trusted shops to ensure safety. Also avoid buying oil-based pastel chalks, because they can stain clothes. this is a recommended hair chalk set.

    Hair chalking is not usually for a large portion, but only for the hair ends or just to accentuate or highlight some parts of it. If you choose to dye the whole hair, expect to consume a lot of time and more hair chalks from just accentuating it.

  2. Decide what style you would like to see because the application of the chalk won’t let you do the styling after.
  3. Coat yourself with a towel to avoid stains on your clothes.
  4. Get a small bowl with lukewarm water and a clean paint brush.Soak a small portion of chalk into the bowl. Nevertheless, before you start, you should also check specific chalking instructions on your hair chalk product label. Using the paint brush, dip it to the wet chalk and paint the section of the hair you want to dye.
  5. Get the wet chalk and rub onto the sections you intentionally want to color. Going over a section several times will make the color brighter and more intense. If you opt to color whole strands of your hair, begin at the roots until its ends.Continue doing step 5 until you are satisfied with it.
  6. Shake your hair to loose extra chalks. Avoid brushing it or combing it to prevent the removal of the color. In case of long-haired men who like straightening their hair, they need to blow dry it slightly first before straightening it. Straightening or curling it actually helps to keep the color.


DIY Hair Chalking Videos



Hair Chalking Gallery

Via Beautylish
Neon leopard via Beautylish.
Rainbow locks. Via Hairflips
Rainbow locks via Hairflips.
Long hair via Pinterest.
Long hair via Pinterest.
Boy's hair via Happinessishomemade.
Boy’s hair via Happinessishomemade.

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