Glen Johnson Cornrows Hair

Glen Johnson is a 36 year old English soccer player. He currently plays defender for both Liverpool and the English National teams. He has worn his locks in different styles during his career.

Photo of Glen Johnson with cornrows hair.
Glen Johnson with cornrows hair.

Cornrows are created by use of an underhand braiding motion held extremely close to the scalp. A small number of strands are braided to begin the row. Strands are brought into the braid as it moves around the head and outward toward the ends of the strands. The name of the style was taken by its similarity in appearance to rows in a garden.

While creating this style is somewhat complicated and time consuming, maintenance is among the simplest of all styles. These tight braids may be worn for several weeks without being taken down if the person exercises care when shampooing. It is also necessary to oil the scalp on a regular basis to prevent the skin drying out and developing dandruff.

Photo of Glen Johnson.
Glen Johnson

Two features stand out about the hairstyle. One is that his braids are very straight from front to back. Some choose to create complex geometric designs with theirs. The second is the absence of beads or other adornment at the ends of the braids.

One potential problem with wearing Glen Johnson cornrows hairstyle is the possibility that it could lead to thinning or even baldness. This temporary loss is known as traction alopecia and is often the result of wearing this style for too long a period of time.

The braids are pulled very tight and continue to exert pressure on the follicles for the entire length of time they are worn. Fortunately, any loss of strands for this reason will grow back after a time, unlike other forms of loss, such as male pattern baldness.

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