Face Shaving Tips And Techniques For Men

Although adolescent males are usually anxious to have enough facial hair to be able to shave, or possibly to raise a mustache or beard, the day-to-day effort of getting rid of whiskers soon becomes less exciting. However, the appearance of well-groomed faces are always attractive to the opposite sex.

The importance of a good shave for appearance and for cultural reasons is hard to deny. In order to be efficient with this part of the daily grooming routine, it helps to have the right tools, the right techniques, the right post-shave efforts, and the proper care of the tools.


Shaving Kit

When you are setting up your shaving kit, you will need some tools and other items to do the best job. It is important to use the best quality tools available. They will last longer than cheap tools and do a better job than the lower quality items.

Some of the tools you will need depend on whether you are going to be clean-shaven or whether you have a beard. The beard length will affect the need for one type of tool versus another. The major items in your shaving kit should include scissors, a razor, a mirror, shaving brush, shaving cream, warm water, and a towel.



If you have long or full beard & mustache, you need this tool to trim your facial hair short before shaving them.



There are four major types of razors that are commonly used, although not all of them are recommended for every person.

1. Straight Razor

Image of Parker straight razor.
Parker straight razor.

The straight razor is often considered to be somewhat old-fashioned, but it also gives a very close and clean shave. Because the blade is sharp and is unprotected, this type of razor is not recommended for most men. Unless you have a good level of experience, this razor is high risk. Improper use can easily result in skin with nasty cuts due to the sharp blade.


2. Disposable Razor

Image of Gillette Mach3 Disposable.
Gillette Mach3 Disposable

For those men who are traveling, a disposable razor is inexpensive and convenient. Men whose beards don’t require frequent shaving will also benefit from the disposable version of a razor. With thin beards or light facial hair, the inexpensive lightweight disposables are the perfect answer.


3. Safety Razor

Photo of Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor
Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor

Probably the best results, closest shaves and longest lasting tool comes with the safety razor. There are dozens of brands on the market at present. One excellent version of the safety razor is the Merkur Model 180.

The product features a German made chrome finish tool for the type of high quality and extra close shave that Merkur is known for. The razor is well-balanced and is ideal for people who have large hands, since the handle is extra long.


4. Electric Razor

Image of Panasonic ES8103S Men's 3-Blade (Arc 3) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades.
Panasonic ES8103S Men’s 3-Blade (Arc 3) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades

The fourth type of razor is the electric device. Over the years, this tool has been improved so that it gives a close and quick shave without the danger of cuts, scrapes and razor burn. One quality device that is in this group of razors is the Panasonic ES8103S. The shaver has sharp blades whose arc design provides an especially close shave. The head of the device pivots so that facial contours are followed, again providing a precise shave.

Another development that has been incorporated into this particular model is that it can be used in the shower or out. The pop-up trimmer allows for sharpening up the edges of your sideburns or other areas that need detailed grooming.

The motor is powerful, at 13,000 RPM, it provides constant power so that the shave you get is consistent. There is a turbo-clean mode that accelerates the motor to 17,000 RPM. The Panasonic device is rechargeable so that you are not tethered to a cord and electrical outlet while shaving.


Shaving Brush

Image of Tweezerman Men's Shaving Brush.
Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush

The shaving brush is another product that should be selected carefully, if you want to achieve the most comfortable and closest shave. The Tweezerman Men’s Shaving Brush meets or exceeds all the expectations for a quality shave.

It is made of 100% badger hair bristles. This densely filled construction is perfect for creating the lather that makes your shave go better. Distributing the lather over the area to be shaved ensures a comfortable result. At the same time as it coats your beard with lather, the Tweezerman brush servers as a gentle exfoliant.


Pre & Post Shaving Cream

Image of Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream.
Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream

Even if you have the right shaving brush, it won’t help, unless you also use a top quality shave cream. The Proraso Pre and Post Shave Cream is excellent for all skin types. The cream is made in Italy with Eucalyptus Oil.

The ingredients are helpful to soften your beard before shaving, so that the process goes easier, with less tugging and pulling. Proraso Cream also refreshes the skin so that stinging and irritation is less common following the shave.


Mirror & Lighting

With the right razor, shaving brush and shaving cream, you have a good start on your shaving kit. Other items that you will need include a suitable mirror so that you can clearly see where you are shaving. Good lighting above the mirror helps.


Warm Water

Certainly, a warm water shave is more comfortable and effective than if you were using cold water.



Clean towels are used to warm the skin sometimes, and to wipe away any excess water or shaving cream following the shave.


Wet Shaving Tips

You will find that the techniques for wet shaving and dry shaving are similar in many ways. However, there are also some significant differences. Here is a step-by-step description of how to shave when you are using water. There are some additional tips that you may find helpful.

The best time to shave for most men is in the morning. You should wait at least ten to fifteen minutes after arising to allow the natural morning puffiness to dissipate. If you shower upon awakening, you should shave during or after the shower.

This will soften and moisturize your facial hair. It is always easier to cut wet hair than dry hair. If you are not planning on a shower, use a towel soaked and wrung out of hot water. Apply the towel to your face for one to two minutes. You can then proceed with using shaving cream.

Wet your shaving brush and swirl it over the shaving soap to build up the amount of lather that you want. The lather should be applied in a scrubbing motion while rotating the brush. A brush is preferred to a hand application.

The soap or gel should be left on your face for a minimum of two minutes. This softens the hair shafts so cutting is much easier. If you start shaving in the areas around your sideburns and leave the thicker hair to the end, the moisturizer has more time to work on the hair shafts. Always shave your mustache area last. Shave in the direction of your hair growth; it is easier on your skin.

Always use a razor with blades that are sharp. Usually the maximum number or uses should not exceed five times. If the edges of the blade become blunt, they will pull and can even hurt your skin. Disposable razors should only be used one time and then discarded. Don’t try to wipe off the razor blades with your fingers or a cloth. It is not sanitary and you could cut your fingers.

After each two to three strokes, rinse the blade off using lukewarm water. It cleans the hair and soap better. Once you have gone over your entire face, rinse the skin using cold water. This will constrict the pores. You may then use aftershave gel or lotion, but it should be the non-alcoholic type. You may want to use an aloe-based moisturizer following the shave.


Dry Shaving Tips

Today, there are many fine electric shavers on the market. They are intended to be used on dry skin. Often, good quality electric shavers will actually give a better shave than using a blade. This is due to the fact that the shaver head pushes the skin up so that the whisker is also forced upward. An electric shaver cuts the whisker off below the skin line.


Videos on Getting Great Shave

When you watch the videos below, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks to shave your face


How to Clean & Manage Your Shaver

Regardless of whether you have a safety razor or an electric razor, keeping it clean is critical. With proper care, a quality razor of either type can last a lifetime. Cleaning and maintenance is especially important when you want to get the highest use from your electric razor. It is best to clean your razor after every use, but certainly no less often than every second or third use.

There will be precise instructions included by the manufacturer with shavers. It is important to follow these instructions, as the screens and foil heads that are part of the shavers can be very fragile. Even a touch can cause the foil to be less effective.

A brush should be used gently and usually on the lower side of the head. The brush should then be used on the cutter. This is the part of the shaver that must be kept free of whiskers in order to do the job it was meant to do.

Once the brush has been used to clean the cutter surfaces, a lubricant must be used on the blades and assembly to keep it from wearing unevenly. Even with the best of care, with most shavers, the screen and the cutters will need to be replaced periodically. When the screen becomes worn or the cutters are no longer sharp, usually after about a year of steady use, it is time to replace the affected parts.

If you use Panasonic ES8103S Electric Shaver, you can clean it easily. The tool comes with turbo cleaning mode. It accelerates shaver to 17,000 RPM to shake of residue that might stick to your blade. Remove foil and switch on turbo mode to rinse clean and renew blades under running water. Sonic vibration cleaning mode produces sonic waves to give extra cleaning power.

A safety razor is different in design, but it is just as important to keep the product working at its optimum level. If you have purchased a used razor, you will want to ensure that it is sterilized before using it on your face. Here are the steps that you should follow when you clean the safety razor you own.

You will need some equipment and supplies at hand before beginning, including a bowl of soapy, hot water, a solution of borax and a dash of salt in a pan, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners or old toothbrushes, metal polish, paper towels and a soft cloth.

Begin the cleaning process by soaking the blade in the soapy solution. It may require additional scrubbing, using a toothbrush. It is important to be careful so that the blade or the head is not scratched while handling it.

Once you have finished the soapy water and brush treatment, line a pan with aluminum foil and mix up the borax solution in the pan. The temperature should be raised to nearly boiling and the razor soaked in the solution for up to one hour.

The final step is to apply a small amount of metal polish, using another toothbrush. This should be washed off before shaving, since the borax solution can burn your skin if you have just shaved. Dry the entire unit with the soft cloth, it will look shiny and new.

Store the razor in a clean and dry place and protect the blade edge as much as possible. These face shaving tips and techniques for men will help keep your face smooth and your whiskers invisible.

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