Emre Can Hairstyle

Like models and actors, footballers take great pride in their hairstyle. Their quirky and sporty hairstyles make them stand out in the crowd even when they are not on the pitch. You are looking a trendy way to style your medium-length hair, Emre Can hairstyle can make you look edgy and trendy. He is a German professional footballer with a good looking hairstyle.


To get this classic look haircut, trim your hair short on both the sides using a clipper cut to make it tidy, bur keep the top and front hair wavy and long. Wash the hair, towel dry it until damp. Take a holding mousse and apply it gently all over your hair.

For a slicker look, you can use a hair pomade. Now, sweep back your top hair, direct it also to your right side, then set them with a hairspray. This will hold the look and add shine to the sweep.

emre-can-hairstyle-and-beardThe textured crop on the top goes well with a perfectly groomed beard, the length of which should not be too long. The Emre Can style is perfectly suitable for men with square jaw line as it highlights the masculine bony structure and strong features.

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