How to Clean and Maintain Hair Cutting Scissors

Sometimes it makes sense to buy your own hair cutting scissors. For one, the scissors can be useful for minor trimming especially if you have someone in the house who can do it for you. Most guys also prefer to trim their beards using hair shears instead of going to the barbershop, making hair shears a necessity.

However, hair scissors are prone to rust and other problems when not properly cared for, so you have to learn about care and maintenance if you want to get more uses out of your hair scissors.


How to Clean Scissors

Keep the scissors free of debris and gunk before storing the pair back in the case. You can use a toothpick to clean around the pivot screw and around the corners of the scissors.

A toothbrush can also be useful in removing gunk and hair product buildup from the blades. Hair products are notoriously hard to remove but you can soak the scissors in warm water to dislodge the gunk and brush before using a toothbrush.


Drying the Scissors

It is important to keep your pair of hair cutting scissors dry since moisture can lead to rust. Dry it by wiping in cloth or a paper towel.



Lubrication is also very important. You can use a drop of oil on the screw to keep it lubricated and to prevent rust. Wiggle the blades a few times to ensure that the oil gets into all the parts of the screw. Keeping your hair shears lubricated also ensures a smooth cut with every use.

Lubrication is very important and should be done regularly, at least once a week. If the shears came with lubricating oil, it is best to use this oil since this was probably produced by the same company the produced your shears. Experts also recommend that you use silicone lubricants since they leave less residue than regular oil.



Store your hair cutting shears in a safe place out of reach of children. Some shears come with storage cases that keep moisture and dust at bay. But, if you want to store all your scissors (up to six scissors) into one secure place, then the below case is right for you.

Image of Hair Art Scissor Case
Hair Art Scissor Case

The Hair Art Scissor Case is specially designed to keep your hair shears in one place. The scissors are laid out in the case on a luxurious silk interior. You can keep up to 6 shears in the case for easy access and to avoid misplacing your shears all over the house.

Some customers find the case a tad expensive but for the professional-looking exterior, this case is worth the price. It is also slim enough to slip into an overnight bag without taking up too much space.



It is important not to soak the shears in barbicide for long periods of time since this can strip the shears of its lubrication. You can use alcohol instead of barbicides since alcohol is gentler but is still equally effective in removing hair product residue.

Against using the shears for anything other than cutting hair since this could dull the blades. To avoid having to use hair cutting shears for any other purpose, keep a regular pair of scissors handy around the house.

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