Hair Bleach Vs. Hair Dye: Are They Same?

A lot of guys have trouble choosing between hair dye and bleach because they do not know what each of these products are used for. Hair dye is very different from bleach although both can be used to create changes in hair color. However, one may be more suitable for a particular result compared to the other.


Hair Bleach

Bleach is suitable for those who want to go a shade lighter than their natural color. There is no other way to create a lighter color from a darker base color if bleach is not applied. Bleach strips the hair of its natural color so that the darker color turns lighter, allowing you to apply another color in its place.

Bleach does this by interacting with melanin, the substance that gives color to the hair and removing it from the hair. Most hairstylists use bleach to turn dark hair into a pale yellow color. Some are satisfied with this color but this color also serves as a great base for other light shades.

Bleach is very potent, however, so it is advisable to have an experienced professional do the bleaching. It is important to know when the bleach must be removed since the bleach will continue eating at the hair until the hair strand completely disintegrates.


Hair Dye

Hair dyes, on the other hand, work by coating the hair shaft with a different color. Hair dyes can be temporary or permanent. Temporary dyes are the least harmful since they basically coat the hair with color. Temporary dyes tend to fade quicker so they are more suitable for short-term hair changes.

You can also find temporary hair dyes that come with a lifting agent that contains very little or no peroxide. Peroxide enters the hair shaft to remove a small amount of the base color to make the dye appear brighter, but this is not often necessary for temporary hair coloring jobs.

Permanent hair dyes are designed to penetrate deeper into the hair strand and are sold in a variety of colors and shades. Permanent hair coloring have a higher peroxide content which means they bleach the hair as the dye is being deposited and the bonding process is stronger, which means that you cannot easily remove them by washing.

These hair dyes also require different maintenance techniques. In most cases, you need to use shampoo for colored hair to keep the vibrancy and luster of the color, and swimming in chlorinated water should be avoided to prevent any chemical reactions with the dye.

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