Cole Plante Hairstyles

Cole Plante is a musician and DJ from LA and has made music for a number of Disney hits. Plante has also worked with Demi Lovato during her 2014 Neon Lights Tour. Cole sports a cool, asymmetrical hairstyle that showcases his punk rock, alternative music roots which also perfectly suits his face. Here are a few tips on how to rock the Cole Plante hairstyle.

In order to get a hairstyle like him, you need a long hair on the top. Start with a base hairstyle of straight, long-ish hair that goes down about an inch past your chin or at chin level. In another style, he has a shorter nose-length hair.

Straight hair is crucial since wavy or curly hair won’t give you that rocker vibe you want when you flip one side of the hair over. The Cole Plante haircut is also noticeable because one side of the head is shaved or trimmed very short.

You can do this by going over to your local barber’s and asking them to shave or trim one side from the bottom to just above the temple, or you can shave this area using an electric razor yourself. Trim it close to about 1 or 2 cm short so that you still have a thick layer of hair on that side.

On the long side, ask your barber to razor your hair to remove the bulkiness and create texture. You can also use a razor-comb to do it. When you have the right haircut, you can style your hair easily.

Comb the long hair to the opposite side of shaved hair so that it falls over along your eyebrow. Use water based hair gel or hairspray to keep the hair in place and to avoid strands from falling over your eyes.

Cole Plante with blue streaked hair
Cole Plante with blue streak hair
Cole Plante hairstyle with red streak
Cole Plante hairstyle with red streak

Cole colors his hair with outrageous shades of blue and red which makes his do look really interesting and fun. You can choose to have this side of the hair colored to keep the short side in your natural color so that the colored locks really stand out.

There you have it, the short and easy version for the Cole Plante hairstyle. Once you get the base cut done you can pretty much style your hair this way in a matter of minutes.

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