10 of The Coolest Chris Brown Hairstyles to Try

10. Cornrows

chris brown's cornrow

Maybe Chris after trying so many hairstyles tried to go for a curly hairstyle. Braiding up little curly hair of his, he made for himself a cute hairstyle. Let’s have a look.


Chris Brown allowed his natural curl to provide a body for the centre stripe, foregoing the use of any products to hold the hair in place. This made his Mohawk a much lower maintenance version of this hairstyle than most options. It also shortened the amount of time needed to grow his hair back out to adopt a different style.

The Chris Brown hairstyles were unique compared to what most people envision when they think of styles especially Mohawk.  Due to the natural curl in his hair, he did not have to use any products or spend any time working to guide his hair into the proper style while wearing these haircuts.


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