Carmelo Anthony Cornrow Braids Hair

Photo of Carmelo Anthony cornrows hair styles for black men.
Carmelo Anthony cornrows hair style.

Carmelo Anthony cornrows styles are popular with young and edge black men, even though he has now eliminated his braids in favor of more mainstream designs. For athletes and others with an active hair style, the cornrows are an easy, low-maintenance style. Although cornrows have long been associated with black women, not many men have chosen to use the style.

It is said that one of the first emperors of Ethiopia, Tewodros II wore cornrows, so Anthony and others who wear the style are in good company. Musicians are often seen in cornrows styles. The style can be washed several times before it must be rebraided

The cornrows are the signature look and style for NBA players. The cornrows style in the NBA is credited to Allen Iverson, although he has cut his braids off after 12 years of the style. There has been some discussion about why Carmelo cut his locks.

It may have been due to the loss of Iverson, but more likely that as the owner of a barber shop, Melo wants to publicize his business. Another explanation is that the Denver Nuggets star lost a bet and paid up with a haircut.

The bet was over a video game, according to one version. The look with a head hugging cut is attractive and certainly easy to maintain.

Picture of Carmelo Anthony cornrows style.
Carmelo Anthony cornrow braid style

Carmelo Anthony cornrows hairstyles are fashioned by forming tiny braids in sectioned hair. It works best if you dampen the hair slightly, as this means less pulling against the scalp. The braids should be neat and tight. The smaller the braid, the more intricate the patterns can be. If you plan ahead for the design you want, you can get just the look that will make your style unique. The time involved in producing cornrows can be lengthy, but with practice, it becomes routine.

Carmelo Anthony Cornrow Hairstyles Photos

Image of NBA player, Carmelo Anthony cornrows styles.
Carmelo Anthony cornrows style

Photo of Carmelo Anthony cornrows hairstyles.
Carmelo Anthony cornrows hairstyle

Picture of Carmelo Anthony African American cornrows.
Carmelo Anthony cornrows

Photo of Carmelo Anthony cornrow design.
Carmelo Anthony cornrow braid design

Pic of Carmelo Anthony cornrows hair.
Carmelo Anthony cornrows hair

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