Benjamin Orr Hairstyle

A Benjamin Orr hairstyle is one which has elements of both 80s and current fashion trends. The artist was the vocalist and bassist best known for his association with The Cars. He was born in 1947 and passed away, due to pancreatic cancer, in 2000 at the age of 53. His final public performance (with the group Big People) was about a week before he succumbed to the disease.

Photo of Benjamin Orr hairstyle.
Benjamin Orr hairstyle.

The hairstyle in the most recent images for the artist features light coloring in a full, yet managed cut. There is no definitive part, although movement is from the right side of the crown. His face is not obscured, although there is partial covering of his forehead and ears.

His hair is somewhat longer in the back. The height on the crown is not spiked, but appears windblown in a controlled manner. The hair on top of his head is three to four inches long. His side-swept bangs end just above the eyebrows. On the sides of his head, the length is just to earlobe level. The cut requires managed tapering to reach collar length in the back of his head.

Photo of Benjamin Orr hair with long sides.
Benjamin Orr hair with long sides.

Image of Benjamin Orr hair.
Benjamin Orr hair.

Care and maintenance for this type of style would include shampooing and conditioning regularly. A control product worked into the strands following the shampoo is not allowed to stiffen individual strands or clumps of hair. There is no appearance of stiffness or greasiness in the look sported by the musician.

As with any good design, a Benjamin Orr hairstyle requires regular trimming and care. The style would be suitable for men with full and thick growth. It is a style that could be maintained well into the 6th decade of life, assuming that the basic fullness is there. Thinning or a receding hairline would not lend itself very well for this style. A man who likes a casual, yet trendy look would enjoy establishing such a design.

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  1. This hairstyle needs to come back in. It’s not a hard spike, and it’s not a true mullet. The collar length is balanced by the long length of the layers. The short bang is perfect. Love this! It’s not too fussy, like the late-80s craze. The 1978-79 version of this is perfect.


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