Avan Jogia Wavy Shag Hairstyle

Avan Jogia is a young Canadian-born actor best known for his role as Beck Oliver in “Victorious”. His thick, rich dark hair comes from his racial mix of Indian, Welsh and Irish parentage. Here are some tips about the Avan Jogia hairstyle.

Photo of Avan Jogia hairstyle.
Avan Jogia hairstyle.

Although the style looks complicated, in fact, it requires very little care. The estimated daily styling time is only about ten minutes. This would make it the ideal do for a busy man on the go. However, frequent trims are required to manage the look and make the easy daily care possible.

The hair is brushed up from his high forehead and allowed to naturally flow to shoulder length on each side. The hairstyle requires natural waves or even kinks. Hold is necessary at the forehead in order to keep the movement away from the face. The side hair is flipped out slightly at the end of the styling efforts. Obviously, this is a young and casual style with low-fuss quotient.

The hair is jagged cut in uniform layers. The cut balances out the thin to medium density hair texture. This style would be appropriate for various face shapes, including triangle, square, rectangular and oval.

Although usually seen on a young man, the style would be suitable for men up to age 50. Another benefit that may not be so obvious among men considering this style is that it can be worn with or without glasses. It looks good either way.

Because the Avan Jogia hairstyle requires very little in the way of styling time or products, it is great for a man looking for a bold hair style at a low effort or expenditure of time. It is edgy without being over the edge. The hold is not stiff or slick.

3 thoughts on “Avan Jogia Wavy Shag Hairstyle”

  1. His hair its just so cool! I’m a big fan of his. But I’m never able to fully copy his hair for some reason. My hair type is similar to his. It’s thick black and straight with a slight wave. I know I have to grow it out a bit first. But then what?
    Are the sides the longest for his hair?
    How do I comb it?
    Is it parted to the right or to the left?

  2. As a french/Afghan guy my hair kind of look like his , heavy,rich and dark hard for ppl with mixed genes to get a cool hair cut.

  3. My hair is the exact same as his i have it the exact same way and i have very thick hair and curley and wavy. The only problem i have is waking up in the morning my hair is everywhere and looks like an afro so i have to have a shower then try to style it again. but it gets worse the day after i wash it then it looks shorter then it is and its just hell,


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