Arturo Vidal Mohawk Haircut

Arturo Vidal is perhaps more known for his fierce and extreme mohawk than his kicks but this is not hurting his career just one bit. Vidal sports one of the most extreme haircuts of all the players in the 2014 World Cup, a style that fans love to copy to show their support for Italian team, Juventus. If you are a Vidal fan, here’s how to get that extreme haircut with just a trusty hair clipper and some hair wax.



How to Get the Arturo Vidal Mohican Haircut

The great thing about Vidal’s haircut is that it is easy to copy. You can do this at your local barbershop with the simplest of tools, which you can also use if you want to trim your beard the same way he does.

To start, the haircut requires a close-cut for most of the hair on the head, leaving about half an inch of length on the strip of hair at the top. The strip should run from the center of the forehead all the way to the back. Then shave the hair on the bottom area of the head start from parietal ridge to occipital bone.


To add more of Vidal’s line style, you can use an electric shaver to create two narrow lines on each side of the strip. With a pea-sized amount of hair wax, rub between the hands to emulsify and clap on each side of the hair in an upward direction to create the mohawk. Grab a clump of hair from this strip and pull upwards with your fingers to add more definition.


The Rap Industry Standard


Vidal’s beard, known as the rap industry standard, is also a low-maintenance style that you can create with your electric shaver. Shave off the beard but leave about a centimeter inch of strip along the jaw below your lower lip and a strip on each side and an even narrower strip of hair on the top. Keep the top strip thin to give the illusion of a slight shadow or shave it off completely for a cleaner look.

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