Types Of Bangs Hairstyles – Men Haircuts With Bangs

Men wear bangs? It seems like the differences between men and women have gone too thin that even the guys do sport their bangs long. Most of the time, they are also well styled. Because men have become more conscious about their appearance, they also introduced various types of bangs hair. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Side-Swept Bangs
    Most men opt for sideswept bangs for several reasons. First, the style is basic but cool. Look at Zac Efron. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain. Usually, you do not need any holding gel or hairspray to keep the hair strands at one side. The styles look good on people with straight hair. However, they may also work well with guys who have naturally curly or wavy hair. You can also always make use of a hair iron if you like to straighten your bangs.

    Zac Efron side swept fringe hairstyle for men
    Zac Efron side-swept bangs hairstyle

    To achieve the side swept fringe, you simply have to grow your bangs to a length that it is easier for them to be moved to a particular side, either to the left or to the right.

  • Regular Bangs
    Some men also wear the regular bangs. The bangs are usually long, even going past a little bit the eyebrows. They are also straight. A number of men do not like them because they look frigid and lack appeal. However, they can be worn if you want to be a little more formal. They are also easy to create and maintain. You just need to trim them regularly.

    Danny Jones bangs haircut
    Danny Jones bangs hairstyle

    One of the guys known to wear the regular bangs is Danny Jones, though he may also be seen wearing the side-swept bangs.

  • Blunt Bangs
    Blunt bangs are very similar to the straight bangs. The only difference is that the hair strands cover the entire forehead. You may want to wear this if you are not comfortable with the size of your forehead. You can also bring most attention to the eyes. They will also be ideal for men who have an oblong face shape.

    blunt bangs hairstyle for men
    Blunt bangs. Image via Emerson Salon.
  • Parted Bangs
    If you are already tired of the blunt bangs, then you can opt for the parted bangs. This will also make the bangs look like side swept. However, instead of choosing which side the hair should go to, you divide the entire bangs into two sections and move them on opposite directions.

    Parted bangs
  • Emo Bangs
    The emo bangs can be blunt or sideswept. However, you should go beyond than the hairstyle. Since emos are known for their self-expressions, you are free to add color or more texture into the hair.

    emo bangs hairstyle
    Emo bangs hairstyle

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