Emo Hair: How to Grow, Maintain & Style Like A BOSS

Since the 1980’s, the emo hairstyle for men has seen a drastic evolution in the way it had earlier been perceived. In the beginning, it was all about punk fast forward to 2018, this hairstyle is another trend, nothing to do with depression or indifference as it was associated with before. What does it have to do with you? If you are reading this article it means we have your attention that is curious about the emo look. Well, all we can say is your hairstyle defines your personality and just in case if you want to grow your emo hair, take our emo cut tips from here and also, don’t forget to have a look at the 10 different looks you can attain with your emo cut.


How to Grow Emo Hair?

Emo Hairstyle

If one is beginning with very short hair, this itself is the main task that requires mammoth patience. Why? Because hair growth is extremely slow. Scientifically speaking, our hair grows about an inch (max) per month. And, to get the emo look, firstly, you need to grow your hair. I mean just don’t go to the barber for two or three months and in the meanwhile, brush your hair in the downward direction as you would want it to be that way

And once your hair has grown long enough, ideally, a fringe up to the nostrils; straighten it. But hey, keep in mind, it will probably take about a year to completely grow out the hair so that it takes on the Emo style.


Straightening To Style It

You have to take special care of straightening if your hair is wavy or curly. You can do it at home with a straightener or go to the stylist and have him do it for you.

If you want to do it at home, make sure you start straightening along the sides, don’t forget to comb along the downward direction as you are straightening it. And remember that frequent trips to the salon for thinning and guiding the fringe may become necessary.


Styling EMO Hair

A common emo hairstyle refers to the deep side part, keeping the hair of one side combed to the other side. Some guys like to get a layered haircut and some other try to get the charm of different colors while having the emo haircut. All three are described below.

At first, make a plan which type of emo hair you want. If you want to get all your hairs driven to any sideways, use a good quality comb. Apply hair gel and make the hair soft and smooth. Then place the hair as per your wish using the force of a comb.

If you want to cut the hair into layered steps, then you need good hair scissors and at least two mirrors. Choose the sections of the hair which you want to cut. Then carefully cut the hairs at a slight angle to keep the desired length. Make sure you are not cutting a whole bunch of hair at a time. If you do so, you have to wait another few months to get it long.

Finally, if you want to get colorful emo hair be very careful to choose the high-quality hair color. a bad product will ruin your hair completely. Some guys want to color the hair partially. Well! It’s your choice. Color as much hair you want with any color you like.


Trendy Emo Hairstyles for Guys

Before doing anything silly, get enlightened on the knowledge of true emo hairstyle. Follow the ‘how to do’ steps carefully to get the best versions of emo hairstyles. Once T]the hair is done, style it to a side part or however you want. Do check out the different emo hairstyles below that you can take any day soon.

1. Casual Professional Look

Emo and professional? Seems like a paradox but yes, you can take the formal look by neatly sweeping your emo in a casual manner. Quite a balance.


2. Red Emo

How about adding a little bit of red to your emo haircut? Always in classic emo style.


3. Side-swept Emo

This one is a common favorite as a part of the hair is neatly swept to the side to create quite a look.


4. Rock Emo

This one is a little more dramatic one. Combining Gothic and rock, spike the hair on the top and allow straight fringes and bangs to fall on your face.


5. A classic good boy emo

To get this look, casually straighten the hair and comb it finely at the back. And then allow the hair on the top to completely fall on your face like one big united bundle.


#6. Guy’s Gray Emo Hair

The trend is changing so fast. Once people wanted to keep the hair black as long as possible, now they color it with gray. One can have his emo hair done with this eye-catchy gray color.


#7. Emo Hairstyle with Studs

Very often, emo hairstyles are associated with piercing and studs. You can try some studs if you want to get the best impact of emo hairstyles. Because studs will make the spirit of the emo community more strong.


#8. Colorful Emo

One can use more than one color to decorate his emo hair. You can try all the colors of the rainbow if you want. But, make sure that you are not losing the aesthetic beauty of a hairstyle.


#9.  Eye-soothing Emo Hair

Anyone will fall in love with this hairstyle at the first sight. The texture and the cutting look so beautiful that people will inspire you to get more emo haircut. This is an eye-soothing emo haircut, whereas most of the emo hairstyles tend to more intense to the eyes.


#10. Modern Emo Hair

Undoubtedly, this might be the unique emo hairstyle you have ever seen. It’s no more about keeping the hair long, now you can haven emo haircut by shaving the sides off. Get the best of emo hairstyles by using own creativity.


Maintaining the Emo Hair

Maintaining the emo hair is no joke.

You will need to frequently straighten your hair, blow dry it and also visit the barber frequently for trimming, guiding and overall maintenance of your hair. Also, you will need to use hair styling products like hair gels to keep the hair in place. And trust us, if you achieve the true emo look, the effort is totally worth it.


Some FAQs that Demand Answers

How can I sweep my hair across my forehead/eyebrows?

Well! The best way to guide ones’ hair in a definite direction is to train it by regular combing. Comb the hair to the sideways where you want to lead the hair after applying hair gel.


Can I have an emo haircut on curly and thick hair?

Yes! But before doing that you have to straighten the hair. An emo haircut is not suitable for curly hair. After the straightening, you can try any style you want and thick hair is always a plus point.


I have short hair touching my shoulder. What should I do?

Use the resources you have. Part your hair to any side and add some color to get a bold and expressive emo haircut.


My parents don’t like emo people. How can I get an emo haircut without bothering them?

First, try to know what your parents don’t like about them. Then get an emo haircut compromising that specific feature of emo people which your parents dislike. Convince them that it’s just a hairstyle.


Whatever hairstyle one is having, he must take proper care of it to get the best look out of it. Emo hairstyle is no exception. Besides, emo haircut involves a great deal of hair products application. So, one must be careful to take good care of his hair while having emo hairstyles.



  • what good does combing the hair towards your eye ment to do?

    I don't know what my hair dresser did, but she f'ed up my hair when I went about 4 months ago. My fridge was cut very short, I almost cried lol. But now it is starting to grow back, all my hair seems to do is form a curve at the front – Like it grows forward, then in a c shape back towards me. Why is it doing this? If i straighten it, It looks stupid and just goes horizontal off my head and my fridge disappears… I don't think its long enough yet or has enough weight to it to do anything with.

    What should I do?

  • My hair is naturally extremely curly, wavy, and thick. I know i can thin it out so that takes care of the thickness. But, the curly and wavy part is hard to get rid of. When i straighten it, it just frizzes out and looks awful. What can i do about that?

  • Kinda late but @Ehh use hair products like a little bit of gel or hair serum something like that should help 😀 I have the same issue

  • Ok my hair is extreamly thick and short and im in the process of growing it out….how do i keep it in good health…because like the whole front of my head is covered in split ends… At least thats what i think it is……..sombody help

  • im 19 and ive been trying to grow my hair for almost a year and a half. im getting sooo pissed. it takes like 3-4 months (at least) to grow 1 INCH. my sides and back are about 7 inches long and my fringe is only 3 inches (the longest its ever gotten is 4 inches or so) its so ridiculously wavy, it breaks like crazy, and the top layer doesnt cover my whole head (same with the hair on the back) my sideburns are a little thin too (and a little short as well) P.S. my dad wont let me get extensions until im 21. what things should i do/use/eat? id like my hair to be about 10-12 inches by july (thats when i turn 20). HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!! plz P.S.S. we are a little poor so id appreciate methods/products that aren’t ridiculously expensive……and that work quickly. thx

  • I have no idea what to do with my hair, I have long hair but the ends curl to the side
    And It pisses me off someone plz help me cuz this….

  • all i want is emo hair. but i have long hair at the top and short all around the sides. (Not my choice). Now i have to make the top shorter and wait for the sides to grow, and i got very bad patience. but it will totally be worth it.

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