What Is Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron & How To Use It

A wet-to-dry hair iron is a flat iron designed for use on both wet & dry hair. Traditionally, experts have advised to never use a flat iron on wet hair. This is because the hair is weakest when wet, and the moisture will cause the hair to literally fry when high amounts of heat is applied.

However, this type of hair iron designed to produce negative ions, which should prevent too much damage on the hair even if it is ironed when wet (read: damp).

Image of TurboIon Croc Classic Titanium Wet to Dry Flat Iron.
TurboIon Croc Classic Titanium Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron


When to Use a Wet to Dry Iron

You can use it the same way you use a regular flat iron. The only difference is that this type of hair iron is still safe when the hair is still damp, while a regular iron can only be used when the hair is completely dry.

Before you use a hair iron, it is important to remove all excess hair by gently squeezing the hair using a towel. Although you can use wet to dry hair iron after the shower, it is still best to use it on damp, not dripping hair to get the best results. It is also best to avoid using the flat iron on a daily basis.

This will contribute to more damage in a shorter amount of time. Hair damage will become more conspicuous for men with shorter hair since split ends become more noticeable with shorter hair so try to avoid ironing your hair, whether with a regular or wet-to-dry flat iron when you can.

For those with long hair, it is better to section the hair into small portions to make them easier to manage as you iron. Take a thin row of hair and run the iron from the root to the tip. Do not press to much on the hair to avoid stretching the strands as you pull the iron down.

Simply run them down the hair to the tips and see the hair getting straighter and straighter as you iron down it two or three times. Move on to the next section once the first section is smooth and straight.


Benefits of Using It

It offers certain benefits that you would not get from a regular iron. These include better protection from heat since this type of iron is designed to produce negative ions as well the reduced need to use a blow dryer.

The presence of negative ions prevents damage to the hair and helps keep the hair stronger. Since you do not need to use a blow dryer, you shorten your grooming time and you shorten the time that you expose your hair to heat.

A wet-to-dry hair flat iron is a great tool for those who want to lessen hair damage brought by excessive heat. It can be used the same way as a regular iron but offers more benefits such as less damage and a shorter grooming time. For guys who want more effective hair straightening, this type of flat iron is a good option for regular hair styling.

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