Vitamins To Prevent Grey Hair

The importance of vitamins to a person’s health can never be overestimated. This even extends to the person’s hair health. While there are many other reasons to take vitamins if one does not eat a healthy and balanced diet, few people realize they can take vitamins to prevent grey hair.

In general, the best way to get vitamins is in their natural form from our food. There are some vitamins that can affect hair growth and color. Here, we will look at some of these vitamins and the best sources of them.

Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin b5, is one of the important vitamins that can prevent hair loss and graying. It is commonly found in organ meats, such as liver, eggs, and whole grains.

Vitamin b6 helps the body to produce melanin. Melanin is a protein that gives the hair and skin its color. Production of this protein in a healthy hair follicle produces a colored hair. Lack of melanin produces a grey hair. B6 can also help prevent hair loss. This vitamin comes from the same sources as b5.

Biotin is a nutrient that helps the body produce keratin. Keratin is a protein that is used in the production of hair by the body. Biotin also aids in the prevention of hair turning grey and hair loss. Milk, liver, eggs, rice, and whole grains are foods rich in biotin.

Under ideal conditions, everyone would get all of the vitamins to prevent grey hair as well as the minerals necessary to prevent grey hair, hair loss, and other problems that result from vitamin deficiency.

Since conditions are hardly ever ideal, most people need to take some sort of vitamin supplements. It is highly recommended that individuals take a multivitamin that contains all of these vitamins plus others that help to promote good health in general as well as prevent grey hair.

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