The Typical Scalp Problems You Can Encounter

There are actually a lot of issues that you can face every day, and one of these has something do with your scalp. When it comes to scalp problems, there are a number of them that you have to watch out, as they bear sometimes-grave consequences.


Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common scalp issues today. On the average, a person can lose as many as 100 strands of hair daily. However, the number tends to increase for individuals who are already old or suffering from illnesses such as alopecia, hyperthyroidism, and lupus.

You may also develop hair loss if you’re going to use very harsh hair care products. The chemicals found in them will weaken the bond of the hair to the scalp; thus, they easily fall off. You can also lose a bunch of your hair once you undergo radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

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If you notice white “flakes” on your shoulders or on your dress, then you could be suffering from dandruff. The flakes are actually dead skin cells from the hair or from the scalp. They may have been removed by constant scratching. Usually, when you have dandruff, your hair and scalp become too itchy. The latter can suffer from redness and irritation.

Dandruffs are characterized as being large and greasy. Sometimes when you smell them they have odd-smelling odor.



There are also times when you develop itchiness on your scalp, even if you don’t see fallen dandruff. It could be that there are parasites on top of your head. One is the head louse that sucks blood from your scalp.

The effect is that they will leave a feeling of itchiness, similar to when you’re bitten by a mosquito. A head louse is a wingless creature that gets into your head by using combs and other hair products from people who are infected with them. They are so little that you cannot instantly see them.



Another could be ringworm. This is a type of infection that appears on the outer part of your scalp. It is called as such since it normally leaves round patches with red and raised edges on the head. If it’s not treated immediately, it will scatter to other portions of your head.

When you can take care of your scalp, you can take care of your hair–and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself. Thus, make sure that you can see your dermatologist regularly to monitor the changes or problems you may have up there.

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