How To Thicken Thin Hair On Men With 7 Good Habits

Hair loss and thinning hair are a common problem faced by adult men of all ages. There are several different factors behind it. The single most common reason is a genetic predisposition known as androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness).

The good news is that the hair does not normally all fall out at once. If one does not wish to seek medical treatments to reverse thinning, he may still want to learn how to thicken thin hair on men.

how to make thin hair thicker


How to Thicken Your Thin Hair

1. It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes shampooing more often can help.

tips to thicken thin hair

While it is true that one will likely lose some strands every time he shampoos, allowing dirt and oils to build upon the strands makes it appear thinner and limper due to the fact it is weighed down.

Keeping it clean allows it to have somebody that makes it look thicker. In addition to more frequent shampooing, the choice in shampoos is also important.

There are some brands on the market that are formulated specifically to plump the shafts, making them appear thicker. Choose a shampoo that is formulated to help hair grow thicker and fuller. Avalon Organics Biotin B Complex thickening shampoo is one of the best hair-thickening shampoos in the market.

Some spray-on products have the same effect. Therefore, one should look for products that say “volumizing”, or some similar term.

It’s better you try both and see how your hair reacts to shampooing often. If you find you are losing too many hairs, decide yourself.


2. Minimizing the amount of combing or brushing one does can help make it thicker.

The shafts are already quite thin and subject to potential damage. Excessive combing and brushing can actually damage them and/or make them fall out faster.

It can also make strands appear flat or limp. The best way to style is with the fingers whenever possible. This will allow one to create some texture and added volume.


3. Making the right choices when choosing styling products for styling can help out too.

mousse for thicken thin hair

Waxes, pomades, and gels are all heavy and can make the strands look thinner just because they are plastered to the head and weighed down. A high-quality mousse is the best product for providing powerful hold without all the extra weight.


4. Massage the scalp regularly.

tips to thicken thin hair

Massaging the scalp will facilitate the blood flow, oxygen, and needed nutrients to the hair follicles. Anyone can do it while shampooing, before going to bed, or in the morning.


5. One of the most obvious options is to quit smoking.

A link has been found between tobacco use and levels of DHT (the hormone that causes thinning) in the follicles. In addition, nicotine causes the capillaries to constrict, starving the follicles by depriving them of nutrients that are carried by the blood to the cells.


6. Blow-dry the hair wisely.

blow dry for thicken thin hair

Most have heard that blow-drying is a bad idea because it is damaging. This is true up to a point.

However, if one limits the amount of heat applied, blow-drying can add volume and make styles look thicker. A good choice is to purchase an ionic dryer.

This device uses negatively charged ions to break down water droplets at a molecular level so that they evaporate faster at lower temperatures. Some of the water is bound to the hair strands, which has a positive charge, adding moisture and increasing volume.


7. Choose the right hairstyle for thin hair.

Going to a professional stylist will probably lead to a thicker-looking appearance as well. This is because good stylists know how to cut and style so as to texture the appearance. The act of texturing will add volume.

In addition, they can cut in such a manner that it frames the face, pulling attention to the face and away from the fact that one is losing his hair. You can also try these haircuts for men with a receding hairline.

These are just a few of the tricks one can find when trying to learn how to thicken thin hair on men. There are several other possible options. Many will attempt to use medications such as Rogaine or Propecia. Others will seek out hair transplant surgeons. However, these tricks will work to help with appearances while one decides on a final solution to thinning hair.


What To Eat To Grow Thick Hair

Finally, people have come to realize that there is actually a direct relationship between food and hair. After all, just like the rest of the body, the hair needs the right amount of nutrients to remain beautiful, strong, and thick. Here is a list for those who want to know what to eat to get thick hair:


Green Leafy Vegetables

green leafy vegetables to grow thick hair

We are talking about broccoli and spinach. These types of vegetables are enriched with a lot of antioxidants as well as vitamins C and A, which can help produce natural oil for the hair. When you have enough sebum on your scalp, you do not need to make use of any type of conditioner.



salmon for growing thick hair

You can actually just opt for other kinds of freshwater fish such as tuna and mackerel. These fish species are some of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which take care of not only the heart but also the scalp. The essential acids prevent the scalp from drying and the hair brittle (brittle hair is prone to breakage).



food for thicken thin hair

Instead of junk food, snack on different nuts, such as hazelnut and macadamia nut. Aside from omega-3 fatty acids, they also contain zinc, which stops the hair from falling off the roots.


Oats and Cereals

Now here’s a good reason why you need to take your breakfast especially oats and cereals. Most of them contain several kinds of vitamins and minerals such as iron, B complex, and zinc. Furthermore, they help improve the condition of hair follicles, which tend to be in a bad state in the early hours of the morning.



food for thicken thin hair

Do you know that keratin makes up most of your hair? Keratin, on the other hand, is a type of protein. Hence, if you want to get thick hair, you need to increase or maintain your protein intake.


Eat chicken or red meat. Between the two, though, opt for the former since it contains less fat. Remove the skin to avoid taking in cholesterol.