How To Use Hair Mousse The Right Way

There are plenty of reasons why men should use a hair mousse, but usually, men like you need it to make sure your hairstyle doesn’t get damaged or unruly in the middle of the day.


How to Use Hair Mousse

hair mousse

Mousse has a very strong hold on your hair. It can also add a little bit of shine and volume to your hair. Here’s how to use hair mousse:


Step 1: Choose the right hair mousse for you

The market is beseeched with various types of hair mousse. It’s going to take a while before you can find the best one, but here are two tips for you.

First, search for the mousse that is ideal for your hair type. You would know it through its label. If you have curly hair, make sure it says “for curly hair”. Second, check the ingredients. As much as possible, you want to avoid those containing so many chemicals as they can soon damage your hair and even scalp.


Step 2: Dry your hair first

You cannot expect the mousse to hold your hair properly if the strands are wet. Before you apply a portion, make sure that you’ve already removed any trace of water.


Step 3: Shampoo your hair

It’s also important if you can clean your hair from built-up dirt and grime. It would be nasty if they get combined with the hair mousse.


Step 4: Apply from roots to tips

For maximum hold, make sure you can apply the mousse from the root to tip. You can easily do this by bending your head over. Keep the hair in front of you. Put a small amount of mousse on your hands and spread it starting from the scalp.


Step 5: Be very sensitive about the product you’re using

If you develop itchiness or burning sensation, stop the use. The ingredients in the mousse may have triggered such problems. It may also mean you have to search for another one.


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