Tea Tree Oil Treatment For Dandruff

A lot of people suffer from dandruff, trying everything they can and often having no result, but even do not think that the solution can be right in front of them.


What Are Dandruff and Its Cause?

In spite of a popular opinion, dandruff is not quite a disease itself, neither is it a criterion of one’s cleanliness. As long as dandruff is a symptom of a hair and scalp problem caused by a tiny fungus, it is rather the criterion of the possibilities of the disease, which can affect everyone.

In most cases, dandruff is being caused by some external factors, which ruin the natural protective forces of the skin, and as a result, let the fungus develop on its surface, touching hairs as well. Such factors can be cold, heat, drying of the scalp, different chemicals, incorrectly chosen shampoos or styling means and so on.

On the other hand, the internal factors like the lack of vitamins, nervous tension, stresses, heavy diseases, dysfunctions of digestion, hormonal changes can cause dandruff to flourish on one’s head.


What Can the Fungus Do?

As a result of the trouble caused by this fungus, hairs can get thinner and weaker, and with some time one can get bald. The problem of dandruff often affects men, as they normally do not pay too much attention to their hair until it may be too late.

Besides that, dandruff can be too visible on their clothes, especially if it is a dark official suit, and the snowy dandruff covers the collar and shoulders. However, the process of development of that fungus and of the hair loss is not unstoppable, and everything can be restored in due time, the matter is to start treatment as soon as possible.

There is nothing too complicated: you only need to choose a proper shampoo and use it regularly or simply go for one reliable solution: the tea tree oil.


Possibilities of the Tea Tree Oil

It has been discovered long time ago, that the tea tree oil is a great thing for almost any known skin problem. This powerful substance containing a lot of active ether compounds, which are able to fight with anything: the tea tree oil can kill bacteria and parasites, it is a powerful anti-virus and anti-inflammation remedy, which can be used for nearly everybody, without any serious contra-indications.

In the cosmetic sphere and in dermatology the tea tree oil is being used for treatment of the most serious diseases, like eczema, which is usually resistant to the traditional medicine, and even herpes, this stubborn and very troublesome virus. No need to say that the tea tree oil can cope with the fungus, which causes dandruff in no time.


DIY or Have a Ready-Made Shampoo

Some time ago, and now as well, wanting to enrich cosmetic agents for their specific purpose, people prefer to add a drop of tea tree oil to them. Of course, if you like to have everything done with your own hands and trust to your own handmade means, you can have a neutral shampoo with no too active ingredients, for instance, that one for children, and add several drops of the tea tree oil, depending on the volume you have.

It is also possible to rinse the washed hair with some water enriched with a few drops of the same wonderful remedy. You’ll soon see that your hair will become stronger, get more shine and, certainly, the amount of dandruff will get smaller and smaller each time you do the procedure.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo & Special Conditioner Duo 33.8 oz (1 Liter)

But this is a matter of choice, for now there are dandruff fighting shampoos, which already contain everything necessary, and they don’t require any additional movements like adding something, especially if they are made for men.

The ready Paul Mitchell Tea Tree special shampoo and the conditioner of the same series make a great and convenient set for you, men, as they already have the tea tree oil, which is going to fight the fungus; the peppermint, which will refresh the scalp and reduce itching; and lavender, which will first of all give your hair a nice aroma, and then treat the skin on your head, calming it and lessening any notions of the possible inflammations or irritation.

So, you see, there is nothing which can’t be done to save your hair and get rid of the dandruff trouble. With only little effort you can say goodbye to it forever.

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