How To Store Hair Dryer, Flat Irons, And Curling Irons

Most girls and even some boys keep a hairdryer or a flat or curling iron around to vary their hairstyles from time to time. There are some styles that can only be achieved using these tools and there are times when using these tools makes the process of styling so much easier to do.

Proper storage of these tools is important since just like other electronic tools, hairdryers and curling irons are need to be kept away from too much heat, moisture or dust. The presence of electrical components and wires also means that you cannot just leave these tools strewn around.

Here are a few practical tips on how to store these tools properly.


Tips on Storing Your Hair-Styling Tools

Store your tools together.

If you have a collection of electrical hair tools like hair dryers and irons, keep them all in one place.

There are tons of storage options for these tools such as a wicker basket, a drawstring pouch that you can hang on the wall, or even a drawer meant for dryer and iron storage. It is important to have these items together since you will be using them together.


Avoid hanging tools by their cords.

Hanging tools by their cords and even winding up the electrical cord over the dryer or the iron should not be done since this can stretch the cord out and possibly damage the electrical connections inside.

A good tip would be to use elastic scrunchies made of cloth to keep the cords in place. This way, the cords are not all over the place and you avoid unnecessary tugging and pulling at the electrical cord.


Keep them away from water or too much heat.

It is important to keep any type of electrical appliance from water or heat sources. Heat can fry electrical circuits, while moisture can lead to rust.

Although a lot of people use their hairdryers and irons in the bathroom, it is still important that storage should be done in a place that is not damp and away from constant sources of heat.


Keep the hairdryer away from dust.

It is important to keep the hair dryer away from dust. Hairdryers have an exhaust at the end where excess heat is dissipated.

When this gets clogged by dustballs, the extra heat has nowhere to go, and it is easier for the dryer to heat up. Too much heat can damage the circuitry and can easily shorten the life of your dryer.


Tools Holders

Here’s a collection of popular hair tool organizers out in the market today.

STYLEAWAY Hair Styling Products Holder/Hanger

Image of STYLEAWAY Hair Styling Products Holder.

This is a nifty rack for storing multiple tools. It comes with holes in the bottom to provide circulation for tools and compartments to keep each tool standing upright.

The plastic construction makes the rack light and easy to hang from a secure towel hanger. The only complaint most users have with this product is that it is made of plastic, which could warp when it comes in contact with a hot hair iron.


Blow Dryer, Curling Iron, Flat Iron Holder

Image of Blow Dryer,Curling Iron, Flat Iron Holder.

This holder by Curling Caddy has ample space for a blow dryer, curling and flat irons. It has a 3 and 1/3 inch hole for the dryer and slots for the irons which keeps the cords in place and allows for easy removal from the rack. It sports a simple yet practical design and since it is wall-mounted, you easily free up more space on your sink.


Hide Away Hair Dryer Holder Bathroom Organizer

Image of Hide Away Hair Dryer Holder Bathroom Organizer.

The Hide-Away is plastic with a frosted finish and is surprisingly sturdy. It is designed to be attached to any surface or can be placed inside a drawer or shelf. There is a slot for the hairdryer handle but this can be plugged with a plastic plug to turn this hair dryer caddy into a simple organizer.


Creative Bath Blow Away Hair Care Storage

Image of Creative Bath Blow Away Hair Care Storage.

This is a stylish organizer with three compartments and sleek curves. It is designed to be wall-mounted and comes with mounting hardware for easy installation. The container is good for storing dryers, flat and curling irons, and hair styling products. It is also suitable for under-sink storage.


Flat Iron and Hair Dryer Holder

Image of Flat Iron and Hair Dryer Holder.

For those looking for a stylish rack, this is the best choice. It comes with a sleek polished chrome finish and mounting hardware. It can hold a hairdryer and hair iron and is perfect for getting tools off the counter.

However, it is not much of a product container and organizer so those who want a larger container should look for something else.


Organize It All Hair Care Rack

Image of Organize It All Hair Care Rack.

This is a nifty wire rack in white that is designed to serve as an excellent storage space for your hair dryer and irons as well as bottles of hair products. It can be hung but can also serve as a freestanding container. The simple design and the affordable price makes this a great option for those who want something cheap, simple yet sturdy.


Polder Style Station

Image of Polder Style Station.

This is the ultimate in hair tool and product containers. The design is a stainless steel mesh with a silicone base that cools the hot items after use.

The stainless steel and plastic construction gives the product a high-end look. It comes with three compartments to accommodate all your brushes, dryers and irons including styling products.

There’s even a rear compartment designed for cord storage. It can serve as a freestanding organizer but also works when hung on your towel rack.


Curling Iron Holder

Image of Curling Iron Holder.

This product by Stowaway Products is designed to be used under the sink to free up counter space. It is so easy to install and fits cabinets that are 24 inches or more in width. It can accommodate one blow dryer and two irons. This is specially designed to fit the drawer space under the sink to accommodate the curved sink bottom.

These are just a few of the best storage options for your hair styling tools. Keep your tools clean and organized with these containers and never have to worry about clutter on your sink again.

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