Signs Of Hair Loss In Men

Losing their hair is a common problem for men. This can have many different causes. In some cases, it is temporary. In others, it is permanent. One of the keys to stopping the process and/or reversing it is to recognize the signs of hair loss in men early.

The hair follicles go through stages in their life. One of these stages is a resting phase where the old hair falls out to be replaced by new growth. For this reason, it is common to notice a few hairs on the pillow when one awakens or in the shower. However, if there are a large number of hairs, this could indicate a potential problem.

The shower is one of the first places one tends to notice hair loss. An excessive number of hairs seen on the hands when shampooing or seen going down the drain when rinsing is a common sign.

While it is common to see a few strands on one’s brush or comb when styling the hair, this is another common area where one may notice the signs of hair loss in men. If one notices an excessive number of strands caught in the bristles of the brush or teeth of the comb, this could indicate a problem.

If one is experiencing male pattern baldness, he is likely to notice that his hairline begins to recede from his forehead. This is normally more pronounced above the temples, while the center of the front remains in place for a longer period before beginning to recede as well.

It is also common to notice thinning in the crown area. This is one of the first areas where hair loss is noticed on average. One might have a difficult time seeing this area himself. However, family and friends can let one know if this area is thinning. One can also use a handheld mirror to direct a reflection of this area so that it can be seen in a bathroom mirror.

Knowing and recognizing these signs of hair loss in men is the first step toward finding a remedy for the problem. Determining the reason for the thinning is the next step. Some types of hair loss are temporary and can be stopped simply by making some minor lifestyle changes.

Male pattern baldness is a permanent form of hair loss that can be treated and/or reversed if caught early enough. This is the reason it so important to recognize the early signs of hair loss in men. Early detection allows one to choose the treatment options that will work best for him. Delaying too long can render some of these options useless.

Early detection can allow one to treat himself with Minoxidil topically or Finasteride as an oral medication to stop the process and have a good chance of reversing it. If one waits too long to react to the signs of hair loss in men, he may be left with only surgical transplantation of follicles to the affected areas or accepting the fact he will bald.

One of the reasons why you are losing your hair is because the blood supply that nourishes the roots has been cut-off. This means the hair has no way of developing and is literally dried out.

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