Sergio Pizzorno Hairstyle

Sergio Pizzorno is the lead guitarist of Kasabian, one of the most popular modern rock bands. Known as the most stylish songwriter and guitarist in the band, Sergio Pizzorno grabs the spotlight due to his sexy hairstyle. His signature hairstyle and dashing personality have biggest commercial appeal, and he has endorsed brands like G-Raw and Armani.

To get Sergio Pizzorno hairstyle, you need to grow your wavy hair long in the front as well as the back of your head. Now trim the front hair into long bangs that beautifully cover your forehead. Long bangs look stylish and add a mysterious touch to your face. On sides and back, cut your hair into layers that go down to your neck.

Wash the hair, apply a light leave-in conditioner. After towel dry the hair, apply a gentle hold mousse to add volume and hold those hair in place. Style the hair using a wide-toothed hair comb and your fingers to get a messy look. Complete the classic Serge look with skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and a messy beard.

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