How To Grow A Rollie Fingers Mustache

Famous baseball star, Rollie Fingers became a pioneer for his pitching ability and distinct handlebar mustache. This classic style is characterized by the upward curled tips which are representative of bicycle handlebars. How to grow a Rollie Fingers mustache requires a significant amount of growth and regular maintenance.

Photo of Rollie Fingers mustache.
Rollie Fingers mustache.

Growing such a style requires a thick and bushy appearance in order to create the classic longer tips. To achieve the desired look, performing regular maintenance for proper styling is a necessity and requires commitment. Celebrate this unique style for various occasions including the popular Movember with a month-long growing competition dedicated to raising awareness for charity.

Ensure that hair grown on the upper lip is wide while shaving the around the neck, chin and cheeks to keep these areas clean. Make sure that the hair is not trimmed as far as the corners of either side of your mouth as you will require accentuated tips for the famous handlebar style. Once the hair is long enough to be able to comb, part each side to the left and to the right sides to facilitate growth in these directions.

This process may take up to a couple of weeks and requires regular grooming and brushing to extend to the sides until hair passes the corners of your mouth. Growth should be aimed at achieving a thicker and bushier appearance so try not to trim the hair on the upper lip while twisting the tips outward for longer growth.

Once the desired thickness and length has been achieved, apply wax to the hairs and twist the lengthier corners into the classic handlebar shape.

Picture of Rollie Fingers mustache style.
Rollie Fingers mustache style.

Only use a small amount of wax product on the target area and create sharp points on the corners. Growing a Rollie Fingers mustache style involves growth over an extended period while keeping the edges long for the classic handlebar shape. Curl the tips into the desired shape using a holding wax for a unique and masculine appearance.

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