All You Need to Know About Reverse Hair Washing Technique

Want to have shiny, smooth silky hair? Try reverse washing technique. Reverse hair washing technique basically refers to the act of washing your hair in reverse. In this technique, you apply your conditioner first and then shampoo.

Suitable for thin and oily hair types, reverse washing prevents your hair from getting coated with heavy conditioner based chemical residue as well as gives your hair the hydration it needs. It allows the cleansing properties of shampoo to work into your hair and scalp and also keep your hair moisturized. Here is the step by step guide to do it.


Reverse Hair Washing Technique: Step by step Guide

Step #1: Wet your entire hair with water.
Step #2: Apply a liberal amount of conditioner from root to tip of the hair.
Step #3: Allow the conditioner to be absorbed into the hair for about 2-3 minutes. Do not rinse the conditioner with water.
Step #4: Shampoo your hair. Use shampoo to remove conditioner.
Step #5: Rinse with water.


Tips for Reverse Washing

  • Ensure that your hair is completely saturated with water before applying the conditioner. This will make it easy for you to distribute conditioner on your hair evenly.
  • Allow to conditioner to sit on your hair for some time to ensure good results.
  • Avoid rinsing the conditioner with water before shampooing. If you do so, you are likely to end up with tangled, brittle dry hair.


Benefits of Reverse Shampooing

  • Less hair fall. Shampooing wet often puts your hair at a high risk of breakage. However, having done a pre-conditioning routine helps fortify your hair, preventing hair fall.
  • No build ups. In traditional hair washing technique, no matter how well you rinse out the conditioner from your hair, there is still some quantity of it left behind. As a result, buildups are caused due to this residue on your hair, making the hair limp and dull in the long run. However, when using the reverse hair washing technique, it allows you to rinse out the conditioner completely, preventing the formation of icky hair residue.
  • Lesser quantity of shampoo Used. Since the conditioner is applied first after rinsing hair thoroughly with water, much of the dirt and oil from the scalp and hair is removed. A minimal amount of shampoo is required to get rid of the remaining grime on the hair, allowing the natural oils on the hair stay intact on the hair.

Reverse Washing technique can totally transform the way your hair looks in the most economical (no need to buy high-end hair care products) and less time-consuming way.

This regime will help add volume to your hair, give a nice shiny and soft texture to your hair and also make your curls frizz free. So what are you waiting for, give this technique a shot and watch its magic work on your hair.

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