Get the Look: Men’s Must Have Hairstyles

It’s March already (we know..!) which means sunshine (if we’re lucky), birds waking us up at 5am and lambs are a-coming. And what better time than spring to sweep the metaphorical (we hope!) cobwebs away and overhaul your grooming regime with a new look?

We know exactly what you’re thinking “woah, hold up lady, I’ve only just mastered my hair/beard trimmer/styling clay after 2 years and now you want me to change it again?!” but relax; you’re in our capable hands, and with our guide to everything you need to know about 2012’s hottest hair looks and products you’ll be feeling like a brand new you quicker than you can say ‘easter egg’.


2012’s Must Have Hair Styles

Men’s grooming trends evolve at a positively snail-like pace compared to women’s beauty trends, which is brilliant for you as it means a new hair style won’t go out of fashion in three months’ time. Here’s our round-up of the year’s must have ‘dos.

1. The quiff: testament to grooming trends’ leisurely pace, the quiff has been the must-have hair look for the past two years, and, with retro dandy references in abundance on the catwalks, you can bet your bottom dollar it ain’t going anywhere soon. Consider your style and how you like to dress before deciding what quiff style to opt for – a shorter, less structured style is great if you’re wanting a refined look whereas taking the sides and back very short and the top longer will give an edgy and individual look.

2. Side partings: Think Leo, George and Brad and you’re not far wrong with this one. Slick, side parted hair is classy and sharp but does need a certain look to pull off (out with the trainers, in with the Oxfords is what we’re trying to say). For a side parting that sits up a little more buy a volumising product. In any case make sure the look is slicked back and shiny.

3. Waves and curls: textured hair is a huge trend for 2012 and if you’re the proud owner of curly or wavy hair consider yourself blessed! A short back and sides in sharp contrast with a generous helping of curls on top is chic without losing individuality and gives off vibes of a modern-retro insouciance. Separate curls for a catwalk-worthy take and control flyaways with an anti-frizz product.


Our Top-5 Products

  1. Label M Curl Cream
  2. American Crew Defining Paste
  3. Osis Dust it Matifying powder
  4. Redken outshine 01 anti-frizz polishing milk
  5. Redken water wax

Before you choose your brand new hair look. Consider the following:

    • Hair texture: some styles work better than others on certain hair types – ask your stylist for advice.
    • Lifestyle: Do you have time to spend on your hair in the morning? If not, go for an easily-manageable cut. Your stylist will be able to give you advice on this one too.
    • How often you’re able to get it cut: certain styles will need lots of upkeep. If you can’t commit to regular trims then go for a style that looks as good growing out as newly-cut.

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