Watch Out For The Fire When Getting A Men’s Haircut In Turkey

Getting a men’s haircut in Turkey is a wonderful, unique experience. Not only are you looked after like a king, but you always get a sharp stylish haircut.

A typical visit to a barber in Turkey includes standard Turkish hospitality so you will be drinking çay (tea) while you wait for a vacant chair. Often served by an apprentice, you might also get a neck or shoulder massage from them while you wait.

When you are comfortably seated and caped, the barber will start around your ears with an electric trimmer. They will perfectly shape the hair above your ears and at the back of your neck then proceed to a wet cut with scissors.

Now comes the fun part. The barber dips a ball of cotton wool in spirits and sets it on fire. They quickly burn off the tiny hairs on your face and in your ears.

After a shampoo and rinse of your hair, your beard will be trimmed and with a long handled blade you will get a great close shave.

All of this pampering takes about an hour but only costs about 10 USD.


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